Introduction to information science

Introduction to information science, a book under the direction of Clément Arsenault and Jean-Michel Salaün (Discovery, Al “Great Guides Manuals’, 2010)

In the age of web 2.0, blogs, wikis, Jean-Michel Salaün and Clément Arsenault perform in the “great manual” of the collection Markers to the Discovery, a work beneficial to (re -) definition of what are today the “information”, ” documents “, ” knowledge “. They offer a coherent path and a didactic one since the description of the actors (professionals and users), the presentation of the contexts (institutions and missions) to the techniques of treatment, research, and dissemination of information. For students in professional master, this manual is not intended to provide the theoretical foundations of the information sciences, but rather favours a pragmatic approach with a text-oriented presentation of knowledge and concrete practical. An index provides a reading focused and autonomous of each chapter. At the end of each chapter a selection of bibliographical references is provided for readers who wish to deepen their reading. It should be noted that this manual is a work of multiple hands, each chapter has been supported by a group of professionals and that of the other part, written by the entire faculty of the School of library and information science (completed her masters) from the University of Montreal, this manual offers the particularity to select examples at both French and canadian.

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