Is Roger Staubach the best quarterback of all time?

Is Roger Staubach the best quarterback of all time?

I consider Staubach to be the greatest quarterback of all-time, hence, needless to say, I find these lists to be absurd. I realize I am in a minority views point of Staubach as No. 1 all-time, however, I have good reasons for my viewpoint and I am prepared for any attack.

Which quarterbacks have played each other the most?

Manning and Brady played each other 17 times. Brady led the Patriots and Buccaneers to a combined ten Super Bowl appearances and record seven titles.

How many games did Roger Staubach win?

Staubach joined Dallas in 1969 and played with the club during all 11 seasons of his career. He led the team to the Super Bowl five times, four as the starting quarterback. He led the Cowboys to victories in Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII….Roger Staubach.

TDs–INT: 153–109
Passer rating: 83.4

How much did Mahomes scramble in the Super Bowl?

The Chiefs didn’t have much of a running game last night. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, however, did plenty of running in the passing game. According to NextGenStats, via Seth Walder of, Mahomes ran 497 yards before throwing the ball or being sacked on Sunday night.

Is Mahomes the greatest of all time?

Mahomes is, by acclamation, the best player in the NFL. He is also the greatest player in the NFL, one who carried a franchise that hadn’t won the Super Bowl in a half-century to a title by turning the 2019 Chiefs into the first team ever to win three straight playoff games in which they trailed by double digits.

Why is Mahomes number 15?

Cairo Santos is the reason Patrick Mahomes wears 15 That’s because of current Bears kicker Cairo Santos. When the Chiefs drafted Mahomes in 2017, Santos was playing for the Chiefs and wearing number five. Mahomes would make his first start later that season in Wek 17, already rocking the 15 jersey.

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