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Listado de locuciones latinasLatin was the language of cultural expression and scientific in Europe until the EIGHTEENTH century. In our days, the main legacy of the Latin is expressed through locutions Latin has survived in the language of legal, philosophical, technical, religious, medical and scientific. The phrases latino expressions in Latin that are used in Spanish with a meaning close to the original. Are used in many cases because with a few words convey meanings that in the Spanish language would require the investment of many more words. Not only that, in addition, always give to our texts or speeches of a cult.

We are many that try to make use of this kind of phrases unknown to the Latin language, which is a cause of frequent errors. The following document contains the phrases most popular Latin and more frequent use arranged alphabetically with their meaning and uses (source: I hope that this list will be useful to anyone who, by writing or speaking, he would wish to make use of some Latin phrase, but that in their time did not remember or did not know which one is best suited to the context.


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Listado de locuciones latinas

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Listado de locuciones latinas
Listado de locuciones latinas
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Listado de locuciones latinas
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Listado de locuciones latinas

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