Meet your Academic Support Librarian

Do you have an essay or project to write and don’t know where or how to begin your research? You know you had a Library Induction back in Welcome Week but can’t quite remember what you were advised…  Don’t worry – your Academic Support Librarian can help you!…

Using the Library independently for the first time can seem daunting, as it is a large and complex building. However, it contains a wealth of useful books and journals that will support your studies and getting to grips with these will be very useful to you. Your Academic Support Librarian will help you to understand the range of library resources for your subject and to use the Library with confidence and competence.

Academic Support Librarians are subject specialists who work with specific Departments. They offer training and support for students on using the Library effectively.  Your Academic Support Librarian can help you to find books and journal articles (both print and online) for your essays and projects, also to reference correctly and avoid plagiarism.

You can contact your Academic Support Librarian easily – their contact details can be found on the Library website: – email or phone to make an appointment.

Alternatively, you can drop in to the Consultation Pod on the first floor of the Library – an Academic Support Librarian will be there between 1 and 3 Monday – Friday during term time. No appointment needed – just drop in and get some support!

A final year student has reflected “I wish I had put the effort to find out who my library points of contact were sooner. Because you’re both so lovely that I would’ve not hesitated to send you an email asking any random thing, and I think that would’ve improved my university experience.”

So, don’t struggle alone with using the Library – your Academic Support Librarian is here to help – just get in touch!

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