Obesity and the social environment

0.6% of children of managers and higher intellectual occupations enrolled in the class of CM2 suffer from obesity compared to 6.1 % of the children of workers…

Between 2002 and 2005 the inequalities facing obesity have increased. During this period, the proportion of obese children has decreased more or less important in all occupational categories, except for the children of workers, where it increased from 5.1 % to 6.1 %.

When the father is part of, or carries out a liberal profession, the prévalenceglobale of overweight (obesity included) among adolescents of the third is barely 11 %, and that of obesity less than 1 %. When is a worker not qualified, being overweight (obesity included) is two times more frequent, but obesity is ten times more. Between these two extremes, the environments, artisans, merchants, and business leaders as well as those of the intermediate professions and employees occupy an intermediate position, while the prevalence of obesity is relatively high, close to 5 %, in children from backgrounds of skilled workers. The situation is similar when one considers the socio-professional category nursery, with a prevalence of obesity minimum when the mother is a part, and maximum when it is working non-qualified.

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