organic Metaphors of the urban. Conference of Luis Castro

In January 2008, held in Seville, the International Conference The Living City with the aim of reflecting on the recovery of the city on the basis of the demands of sustainability and participation characteristics of a society before the needs of the TWENTY-first century.

Metáforas orgánicas de lo urbano. Conferencia de Luis Castro

Luis Castro Nogueira was a guest speaker on the Table in the first section, ‘The city as a living organism’. The metaphor of the title is linked with the presence of a second nature residenciada in the scope of the current cities. A hybrid nature, complex and contradictory that it allows us to speak of the city as if it were a living organism. Precisely, the title of the presentation of Luis Castro was The ‘organic Metaphors of the urban: solutions for a room environmental’.

Ontology of the standard model of the social sciences (I), curvatures of time-space social (ETS), plektopoi, wraps, psikotopoi , atmopoiesis, sinneosis… are some of the terms that Luis Castro Nogueira uses and explains in the book Who’s afraid of human nature? (Tecnos, 2008) co-authored with his brothers Laureano and Miguel Angel, and in the following video of the conference can hear from his own lips in a context of metaphorical triple urban: development, life, and ontologies.



The video of the conference was accessible for a time, however, to-day 10/03/2015 the link of the video has disappeared. However, on several occasions we have expressed to the administration of The City Live (LCV) the possibility of recovering this resource. We are waiting. Hopefully, we can recover the video of the conference of Luis Castro, a resource that we consider to be very valuable.

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Conversation with Luis Castro and Juan Ojeda

View on The Living City: a Conversation with Luis Castro and Juan Ojeda (university Professor of Urban Geography at the University Pablo Olavide. Seville) on the concepts and complexities of our current cities.


Source: The Living City


Metáforas orgánicas de lo urbano. Conferencia de Luis Castro

Luis Castro Nogueira

Luis Castro Nogueira is a professor of Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences in the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology (UNED). She completed her doctoral thesis on the Frankfurt School (1981), and a Master of Arts degree by the Birkbeck College of the University of London. Since then, it has developed a work focused on the investigation of the space-time social, complementary with the exploration of the major paradigms in the field of the philosophy of the Social Sciences. The fruit of this work up to now -in addition to various essays and papers in national and international congresses – are the following books:

  • Dress rehearsal for a ballet anarchist (in collaboration with MH Ossorno), Madrid, Libertarias, 1986
  • Modern times, Granada, General, 1991
  • The laughter of the space. The imaginary space-time in contemporary: a reflection of sociological, Madrid, Tecnos, 1997
  • Methodology of the Social Sciences (in collaboration with MA Castro Nogueira and J Morales Navarro), Madrid, Tecnos, 2005.
  • Who’s afraid of human nature? Homo Suadens and well-being in the culture (in collaboration with Laureano and Miguel Ángel Castro Nogueira), Tecnos, Madrid, 2008.
  • Social sciences and human nature. An invitation to other sociology and its practical applications (in collaboration with MA Castro Nogueira and J Morales Navarro), Tecnos, Madrid, 2013

To know more about Luis Castro and download free-form some of their texts, visit their web space at the UNED.

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