Pamper Yourself With a Comfortable Bath Pillow

When it comes to learning ways to relax, destress, and take care of yourself, a hot bath is a no brainer. Laying in the bath and letting your mind and body decompress after a long day is an excellent way to enjoy self care. Plus, you can take advantage of this time to practice hygiene and get clean for the next day.

However, it’s no secret that laying in the tub for extended periods of time isn’t always comfortable. Most tubs have a hard exterior surface that can lead to pain and discomfort after just a few minutes of relaxing. Plus, finding a place to rest your head and neck on the cold, hard edges of your tub can be a challenge.

If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry! Our bath pillow is the best way to pamper yourself during bath time and make your relaxing at home spa even more comfortable.

Our Bath Pillow

A bath pillow isn’t a new concept. They’re a popular bathing tool that can help you get the most out of your self care in the tub. So, with so many pillows available, why choose our bath pillow over others on the market? Here’s why!

The pressure your neck and head undergo from your tub’s exterior can take a toll on your body quickly. Our bath pillow is ergonomically designed so you can lean back, feel the memory foam cradle your body, and enjoy comfort for hours. Enjoy maximum comfort in the tub so your back, shoulders, neck, and head feel relaxed and refreshed.

How it Works

The features of our pillow and the quality of our materials help set our pillow apart from the crowd. Let’s take a closer look at these features and how our bath pillow works!

Suction cups

Many of the bath pillows available on the market are comfortable and clean, but slip around on your tub’s surface. When you’re trying to relax and enjoy your bath time, you don’t want to have to reposition your pillow and keep readjusting it.

Our bath pillow is different! With four secure suction cups, our pillow attaches to the side of your tub at an incline angle so you can lean back, relax, and not have to worry about slipping, sliding, and falling in the water.

Drying hook

While you don’t need to wash your bath pillow after every single use, you do need to dry it. Most pillows include instructions to lay them over a drying rack or across a flat surface, but this can lead to incomplete drying, slow drying, and mildew build up.

Our bath pillow comes with a built-in drying hook for your convenience. After your bath, you can lift your bath pillow up near your shower rod or another place and hang it so it can dry quickly and completely before your next use.

Breathable mesh cover

The breathable mesh cover that encases our memory foam bath pillow allows for quick drying, easy hand washing, and less build-up of bath products, shampoo, and soap. Plus, it helps the pillow remain cool and comfortable during your bath.

Side pocket

With a deep side pocket, you can store your shampoo, a bath product, a loofah, or another bathing tool to keep it within easy reach during your relaxing self care activity.

Other Tips to Level Up Your Bath

To level up your bath, there are a few other tips and tricks to consider.

Add Bathing to Your Night Routine

Having a nighttime routine can help you fall asleep faster and more easily as it gets your mind and body into sleep mode. Taking a bath is a great way to calm your mind and body as well, so you’re ready to go to bed afterwards.

Essential Oils for Your Bath

Incorporating essential oils into your bath time is another great way to level up this activity. You can do this two ways. The first way you can do this is to use a diffuser in the bathroom while you take a bath. This type of aromatherapy is excellent for relaxation. You can also use a few drops of oil and mix these into your bath to smell and feel better than ever.

Level Up BAth Time

If you want to make your bath time even more comfortable and enjoyable without the pain, discomfort, and soreness the exterior of your tub can cause, shop our comfortable bath pillow here.

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