parentage blended : biological origins, family and parenting

The parentage blended : biological origins, kinship and parenthood. A number of the review “family Research” (n° 4, 2007, 233 p., 21€)

This issue of the annual review of Research family, funded by the UNAF, is devoted to the parentage blended. This is the fourth issue of the magazine, which may explain that the articles are quite diverse and cross looks different on the family today. You can read the contributions of sociologists, but also lawyers or psychologists. This diversity gives to the articles a complementarity interesting, but sometimes at the risk of taking in technical considerations, in particular on the side of right, which can make the reading a bit daunting for non-specialists.

The themes are largely related to the news, you will find in this number of analyses on stepfamilies, single-parent families, and same-sex families. It is, therefore, to give a central place to the concept of parenting, that is to say, the practical aspects of kinship, one that tends to impose itself in the new family forms and relations of filiation. It is as well as Gérard Neyrand, in an article entitled ” parenting as a device. The perspective of family relationships and descent “, proposed to return to this concept of parenting in the clarifying and establishing his genealogy at the same time, this concept requestionne the foundation of the bond of filiation and shows the paradox. While the biological link has a critical value, the new behaviors give a growing place to the practical aspects of kinship. In this context, scientific advances such as the medically assisted procreation (PMA), or legal adoption to the plenary, contributed to this requestionnement sociologists of the family.

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