Presentation technologies: 5 top tips

Want to make your presentation stand out from the crowd? Not sure how to make the best use of technology, text, images or animation? Like it or not, we all have to do presentations at some point, so we’ve put together a video with our 5 top tips for using presentation technology effectively. So sit back, enjoy and get ready to make your presentations stand out!

The technology you use can make a difference to how you present your topic and how you structure your presentation. Maybe you’re a fan of Powerpoint or Prezi already, but have you thought about which works best for the ideas you are presenting?

Our 5 top tips for using presentation technologies in a nutshell:

  1. Visualise your content
  2. Think about your use of text
  3. Use images carefully
  4. Be sparing with animation
  5. Use the right technology

Feeling inspired to work on that presentation? For more help with presentations, try the skills workshops this term: learn to use Prezi in the Prezi workshops and get practice and feedback on your presentations at the Presentation Skills workshops.  Good luck with your presentations!

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