“Psychology of information” to “We are informívoros”

This blog has followed a trajectory peculiar. It began as an attempt to bring psychology to the professionals of the information, taking into account different levels of relevance (marketing, communication,…). I continue with an emphasis on critical thinking in the search and evaluation of information, while examining issues related to the way in which people share information. At the same time, it was intended to be a showcase for the scientific studies more novel and relevant in the field of cognitive psychology.

As you can see, it has been a journey full of adventures. So much so, that the title “Psychology of information” has fallen short. And is that the blog has given fit into content that only a very lax, may be considered as related to cognitive psychology. Therefore, the time has come to make a great small change: the blog is changing its name, to become We are Informívoros.

The new name is less flashy than the Psychology of information, but it has two advantages:

In the first place, and as I said above, the new name does more justice to the content of the blog, as not all posts were dedicated to themes related to psychology in the strict sense.

In the second place, I will enable you to keep topics common, reinforcing some (like critical thinking), but adding a few that I also feel passionate about, such as evolutionary psychology or neuroscience.

In this way, We are Informívoros was launched officially, so far as I know, as the first blog dedicated to psychology, sociology and the critique of the information (and something more).

And is that the term informívoro (attributed to Gerorge A. Miller), is intended to characterize an organism that consumes information. And, although it may be a limited picture of what is a person, there can be no doubt of the importance of information in our lives.

So thank you for your attention. I hope that you enjoy this new stage.

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