Screening of the population and its relationship with work

Source: Notes of Demography. By Julio Pérez Díaz


Juan Antonio Fernández Cordón and Joaquín Planelles have just published these projections, which go beyond the simple effective by age and sex to get in the future scenarios of the relationship of the population with the labour market.

See the publication on the website of the Foundation 1 May

Their target population is that of Spain, and emerge from the year 2009 to reach 2049, but this is not some simple projections arising to add a variable but, the “relation with the activity”, the range of hypotheses. What is intended by the authors is to probe also the future effects of demographic developments on the sustainability of public systems such as the pension. Taking into account that two of the technicians of our country in the application of the tools of projection, their results are certainly relevant, and contradict topics catastrophists very widespread at present and who are serving alibi to policies of cut difficult to sustain on another type of arguments.

The work that has already had the good fortune to see presented by their authors at the seminar of the CSIC in the past month of may has finally been published as the Study 53 of the Foundation 1st of May. Trade Union centre of Studies. It is a foundation

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  • Foundation Web May 1
  • Presentation page and direct download of the pdf

Juan Antonio Fernández Cordón , an economist and one of the demographer of reference in Spain. Current member of the Economic and Social Council, formerly headed by institutions such as the Institute of Demography of the CSIC or the Statistical Institute of Andalusia. But we are also colleagues in the Project I+D+I “The theory of the Reproductive Revolution”, the thing that fills me with satisfaction and I thank you very much.

Joaquín Planelles Romero is an economist and Statistical Practitioner of the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía). He is an expert in demographic projections and recently has also carried out, with Silvia Bermúdez Parrado, the Projection of Active Population in Andalusia 2009-2035.

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