Sociolítico, a plural on political science and sociology

Sociolítico, un espacio plural sobre politología y sociología

Recently, a group of students in Political Science, who believe in the need to carry out activities out-university to enrich their knowledge, has created and launched Sociolítico, a plural space that attempts to give greater visibility to studies and opinions of political scientists and sociologists, as well as to students and other people interested in the field of politics, sociology, and economics in an interrelated whole in a space of alternative sources of communication conventional in which, on many occasions, the political and social issues are treated superficially.

The team Sociolítico comprising:

  • Andrés Benitez: studying for a degree in Political Science and Administration. Is interested in political communications, speeches and election campaigns as well as public participation in politics. He is interested in the interaction of politicians in social networks. (Twitter: @andresbesp)
  • Alejandro Donoso: the study of the degree in Political Sciences and Administration. Is very interested in issues of partitocracia above all things, corruption, common good, “democracy” and political leadership. You would like to deepen in the analysis of the local corruption, the politicization of the institutions and of the political speeches. Concerned by the society. (Twitter: @AleSDonoso)
  • Jesus Llamas: study the degree in Political Sciences and Administration. Shows interest in topics such as corruption and political communication. She is also interested in the political economy, above all the intervention state and the partisan interests within the State services. (Twitter: @Junfulo)
  • Karina Quick: studying for a degree in Political Science and Administration. Interested in issues of international politics and of political communication, especially the development of the policy in the sphere 2.0. It is also interested in the tools of citizen participation and transpariencia in all areas of administrative and political. In favor of the improvement of the democratic culture of spain. (Twitter: @missKARiNAQ)

In addition, Sociolítico offers the opportunity to collaborate in order to publish all kinds of studies and opinions, -yes, based on solid arguments – from different points of view, to enrich the analysis and political criticism, without falling into the typical vagaries and superficialities own opinion articles in the media.

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