Study Happy: What’s coming up in Term 3

Vacation is over, all the chocolate is eaten and the geese are getting angry. That can only mean one thing: Term 3 is about to strike back. Don’t worry! The Library is here to help you Study Happy. Find out what’s on in the next few weeks…

Study Happy is the Library campaign to support your learning, connect you with your community and promote a healthy study-life balance. It can be especially difficult in Term 3 to balance the need to studystudystudy and your own wellbeing. That said, it’s more crucial than ever to look after yourself – make sure you eat well, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and take regular breaks.

Speaking of taking breaks… we’ve got plenty of events on to encourage you to take a break and destress!


Study Happy: What’s coming up in Term 3

That’s right, the dogs are back. Oh, I wish we could keep them.

The dogs are fun, but how do the dogs help me study happy? Research shows that interaction with animals lowers stress levels. Their cute little faces are a great excuse for a break!

When are the dogs in the Library and how do I get a ticket? Lucky you! They’re back twice this term – in Week 2 (2 May) and Week 4 (18 May). We’ll announce when tickets are released via Facebook so sign up to the event to keep up to date on the details. We’ll be releasing tickets in two stages: half will go live a week before, and the other half will go live the day before.


Study Happy: What’s coming up in Term 3

Are you mindful… or is your mind full?

How does this help me study happy? We can’t sugarcoat it: Term 3 is going to be stressful. Mindfulness won’t make it any less stressful – but it can help you cope with the stress by teaching you practical relaxation techniques and ways to stay calm and focussed.

Do I have to go to all of the sessions? Mindfulness will be going on throughout the term, from Week 1 right through to Week 8, on Wednesday lunchtimes. It’s not a course and we focus more on practical exercises, so feel free to drop in at any point! Can’t make it? The Centre for Lifelong Learning also runs several courses, as does Counselling.


Study Happy: What’s coming up in Term 3

Hola! Bonjour! Nihao! Practise your conversational skills at the Library Language Exchange over coffee and biscuits.

How does this help me study happy? Connecting with people – and learning new skills – are both key to boosting your wellbeing. At the Library Language Exchange, you can do both! Run by other students, you can sharpen your language skills in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

How do I get involved? It’s drop-in session, so just rock up to the Seminar Room – this is running every other Tuesday evening, starting Week 1. If you want to know what languages everyone wants to practise, check the poll on the Facebook events – and don’t forget to vote for your choices!


Study Happy: What’s coming up in Term 3

Get your vitamin C with our Smoothie Bike Takeover! If it’s sunny, you might even get your vitamin D… but this is the British summer, so let’s be realistic.

How is this going to help me study happy? Pedal your stress away and make a fresh smoothie – it’s win/win.

What do I need to do? Turn up outside Rootes Grid on Tuesday in Week 3 (9 May) and join the queue. It’s that simple!


Study Happy: What’s coming up in Term 3

Always fancied yourself as the next David Attenborough? Why not learn some fancy movie-editing skills and get creative with footage of the natural world for a Study Happy/Creative Warwick mash-up!

How will this help me study happy? Creativity is key – especially when you’re revising. This workshop is both a fun break and the chance to learn some valuable skills.

Sign me up – when is this taking place? The workshop is running Thursday Week 3 (11 May) between 11-12:30. Booking is encouraged but drop-ins are welcome!


Study Happy: What’s coming up in Term 3

This is a take-a-break EXTRAVAGANZA. We’re combining our games and crafts afternoons into one long chill-out afternoon.

Surely extravagnza is a bit strong – how does this help me study happy?  It’s so easy to end up staring at a screen for hours on ends. This is a chance to give your eyes a rest, and relax with some friends over crafting, jigsaws or colouring. It seems childish, but it’s genuinely so satisfying… as is the word ‘extravaganza’.

When will this take place? We’ll be hosting a relaxation takeover for the entire afternoon on Thursday in Week 5 (25 May) and Week 7 (8 June). It’s from 12 until 5, so feel to drop in for as little or as long as you like!


Study Happy: What’s coming up in Term 3

Back by popular demand! Let’s fill Floor 2 with the sweet sounds of tiny strings.

How does this help me study happy? Learning a new skill not only boosts your wellbeing, but helps keep your brain sharp. Besides, ukuleles are ridiculously fun.

When is this taking place? Come along on 1 June between 12:30 and 1:30 – booking is encouraged but drop-ins are welcome!


You can see our full calendar on our webpage. Do you have any ideas for future Study Happy events? Drop the Library an email or contact us over social media – we’re always looking for new ideas!


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