The center+left was not bad in the election, but the New Majority was clearly defeated

Four years ago the right had very good spirits because, against all expectations (do you remember that on that occasion, the PSC erred to the left? The only constant is that over-represents the first place it seems), had been accomplished. Both have overlooked (a) that there was no chance for the 2nd round and that (b) the parliamentary election had represented a resounding defeat.

Today repeats a bit the scenario, but with actor changed (it is now the New Most the has that mood). It is true that there are differences. The 2nd round is merely very difficult instead of impossible. The 2013 Matthei had no where to grow, and the 2nd round had produced the candidates of the left. Here, it happens that Guillier has where to grow. The magnitude and difficulty of the growth become very difficult, but in principle there is a way. But it was also the case that if Matthei represented the worst result of the right throughout the cycle since 1989, the same thing happens with Guillier (if sum Guillier+Goic is repeated the result in 2009).

Now, what is repeated is the disaster parliamentarian. The debacle is in seats and in vote. A table will leave things more clear:

Comparing the vote of parliament (mps) New Majority 2013-2017

Votes Seats
2013 (New Majority) 2.967.896 67
2017 (NM + DC) 2.082.808 56
Difference 885.088 11

Nearly a million votes fewer (voting 2017 is similar to the vote of the city was already a disaster). In addition, 11 members, less -at a Camera that has 35 more deputies.

In general, the Conclusion-NM had won all the parliamentary elections from 1989 onwards, sometimes by a little, but was always the first coalition. This is the first time that it is not the main coalition in the chamber of deputies. And for the record that I am adding to lists not for nothing were not able to go together.

In summary, the New Majority (with or without DC) the result was dismal.

Now, the center+left (I do not say center-left because it does not go together or form a single sensitivity, but has the senses to bring them together because the alliance between the center left and has been effectively a political base from 1989 onwards) did relatively well. Or at least, effectively supporting changes and transformations are more than those who do not support them. The Sum of SL+FA+PRO in mps is more than CHV (voting members of the DC can go anywhere).

The right got its a little less than 40 points and 2.3 million, which is their electoral base. A base which remains a minority but, as has been the trend since many years ago, is individually, the stronger industry. The center+left “progressive” remains the political majority, which is what has been in reality during all the period. That majority can effectively operate as a majority (i.and operate as a unit) is not clear -and something tells me that in order to operate as a unit it would require first an internal transformation is important.


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