The power of the shopping malls

The past June 16, 2012, RTVE, through its program The Theme Night, issued two documentaries are very interesting for the sociology of consumption: “Neuromarketing” and “The power of the shopping centers”.

The power of shopping centers is a co-production by canadian and French 2008 directed by Helene Klodawsky, 52 minutes and produced by Canada Inc, and Point du jour, which speaks to us of the culture of the shopping malls.

The documentary examines the most popular and profitable shopping centers in north America and analyzes how consumers operate as a community experience, even ceremonial in a place where idealism, passion and greed are combined.

Through archival footage, tracing the history of the shopping malls in the united States and made visits to some of the largest and most spectacular of the world in Canada, the US, the Uk, Japan, Poland, France, India and Dubai.

It also examines the psychological resources used in the malls to attract consumers.After fifty years of existence in many countries, the culture of shopping centres is already a way of life. But in places like India, where we have torn down traditional businesses to make them site, have become a threat to the middle class and the environment.

As entertaining as informative, “The power of the shopping centers” offers a trip to the mall, reveling in their architectural splendor as consumerist paradises, and also showing how the social dynamism they represent can be a destructive force, that confuses the good life with the uncontrolled consumption.




The power of the shopping centers

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