Top Skills You Gain from Obtaining Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

The Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals certification can bring many benefits to any professional who wants to take his/her career to the next level. Mastering the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence can significantly influence your career path and provide you with different opportunities that you never thought of. On top of that, Artificial Intelligence is a very popular domain nowadays and can be applied to various business areas. For example, with this technology, you can improve apps and build solutions that can impact the processes in healthcare, banking, financial management, and many more.

Do all these sound interesting enough for you? Keep reading this article and discover what skills you will build on pursuing the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals certification path.

Top Things You Will Learn from the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals Certification Journey

  • Strengthen your knowledge of AI Fundamentals

The most obvious benefit of the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals accreditation is the technical skills you will develop while preparing for the associated exam. This certificate can be obtained after passing one test coded AI-900. If you take a look at the exam’s blueprint, you will discover that you can take the required passing score, if you demonstrate certain capabilities. Therefore, you will need to learn how to describe the AI considerations and workloads. In addition, you need to be capable of describing fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure. Another skill required for this certificate is related to the computer vision workloads features and how they can be implemented in the Azure environment. Last but not least, you should learn how to describe the features of NLP workloads on Azure.

  • Become better organized

The process for obtaining the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals is quite complex. It requires candidates to do more than just develop their hard skills in managing artificial intelligence concepts and implementing them in the Azure environment. As you will find different preparation resources that include information necessary for the certification exam, you will need to carefully organize your training routine. Like this, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that you need to digest and be able to tackle multiple study materials such as study guides, training videos, or practice tests. For instance, you can start by blocking regular slots in your calendar during which you can focus on developing new skills for the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals accreditation.

  • Expand your network

Once you register for the AI-900 test, you will automatically become part of an exclusive community of professionals who share the same interests as you. Therefore, you have the opportunity to engage with others and learn more about their preparation challenges and secret tricks. Even after you get certified, you can come back to your network and find relevant updates and information connected to artificial intelligence.


Getting the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals certificate can help you in many ways. This accreditation is not only about developing new skills in artificial intelligence. It will also help you become a better organized professional and understand what type of materials really work for you. What is more, you will also become part of a unique group of professionals with whom you can discuss and share experiences. Good luck!

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