What are the best heads for small block Chevy?

What are the best heads for small block Chevy?

  1. Flotek 102505 Cylinder Head – Best Overall.
  2. Dart 127121 SHP – Best SBC Head for Torque.
  3. Edelbrock 5073 – Best Stock SBC Head.
  4. Edelbrock 5089 – Best SBC Head for Drag Racing.
  5. Edelbrock 5087 E-Series E-210 SBC – Premium.
  6. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 – Best Budget.
  7. Speedmaster PCE281.
  8. 350 Chevy Heads – Best and Worst.

Are 194 heads good?

depends on your hp goals, the 194 will be good stock till about 3-350hp. the 202 heads will be slightly better but if you just look at the valve size change by itself it’s worth like 5hp maybe.

Are Vortec heads better than double hump heads?

The Vortec heads are a little bit lighter than the older heads and have a “kidney” or “heart” shaped combustion chamber that is more efficient than the double hump chamber.

How much HP can camel hump heads make?

My guess is that the camel hump heads are probably good for 15-20 hp on a street engine just from the compression ratio increase. Flow will be close to the same. Vortec heads (or 461X camel hump heads) would be worth another 15-20 hp on a street engine.

What’s the difference between 461 and 462 heads?

the 461 has a 64cc chamber & the 462 has a 68cc chamber. the 461x has a little bigger intake port (170 v/s 160) & the 041x has a 68cc chamber with a 170cc runner. with 2.02-1.6 valves & the right valve job & a little bowl blending you should be able to get 400-450 horespower out of any of them.

What are double hump heads worth?

RIP: 2/16/2019. 461 and 462 double hump complete heads should be worth or priced at $200 a set at the very least. With all the choices in new motors and heads these do not have the interest they once had.

Are Chevy 882 heads good?

GM 882 Iron The smallest of the GM heads we tested at only 151 cc, the 882, turned out to be the best-flowing of the early iron heads. This head was tested with the 1.94/1.50 valves. If you are into these heads, the best way to find a good one is to flow-test several.

What CC are 461 heads?

The most famous heads are the 461 and 462 heads that offer 160-cc intake ports, 64-cc chambers, and 2.02/1.60-inch valve sizes. For years, these were coveted castings in the performance community that were not superseded until the advent of the Chevy over-the-counter Turbo and Bow Tie iron pieces.

Are 416 heads any good?

The good thing about the 416 head is the small chamber for the small bore engines, but don’t be fooled, these heads will not make nearly the power a Vortec head will. With the 416 head on a 350, they work well with a 1.94 valve, with the chamber opened to unshroud the valve and a smaller cam in the 220 duration at .

Are Vortec 350 heads aluminum?

Chevy Vortec Aluminum 350 Cylinder Heads 64cc 2.02/1.60.

Are SBC heads side specific?

There is no right or left side heads. They are the same even with aftermarket heads. No matter which head goes where then accesory holes will poin the same way.

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