What are the DOT medical requirements?

What are the DOT medical requirements?

DOT Physical Requirements Include:

Medications Varies
Blood Pressure 140-159 / 90-99 = 1 yr certificate 160-179 / 100-109 = 3 mo temp certificate* >180 / 110 = Disqualifying *At examiners discretion
Diabetes Currently treating diabetes under approved physician plan

What BP do you need to pass DOT physical?

Your blood pressure must be controlled and be below 140 / 90 at the time of your DOT examination. Also, it is very helpful, if you have a note from your treating physician that states that your condition is being treated and that the treatment has been shown to be effective, safe and your condition is stable.

What will cause you to fail a DOT physical?

DOT disqualifying medical conditions include those that may lead to loss of consciousness or involve inadequate hearing or vision, a compromised nervous system, or physical limitations that interfere with driving ability.

How old do you have to be to drive friends around?

Individuals may not drive with more than one non-family passenger under age 21 between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. A supervising adult must be a parent, guardian, or be at least 21 years old and have a valid license. Drivers must hold the intermediate license for at least 12 months.

Can I drive friends at 16?

Minors under 18 are issued a provisional license. During the first 12 months after getting a license, they cannot drive other teens unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, a licensed driver age 25 or older, or a licensed or certified driving instructor. But they cannot drive friends.

Can my son drive his siblings?

that young drivers can drive alone or transport an immediate family member between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. for the following reasons: (A) Medical necessity of the licensee.

Why should 16 year olds drive?

Pro: Increased Responsibility While many feel that 16 is too young for teenagers to be driving due to immaturity or lack of experience, driving at a young age can increase responsibility. Teens with a driver’s license must learn quickly to look out for their own safety, as well as the safety of those around them.

Should I let my 16 year old drive?

Researchers for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety say the answer is no, and they point to statistics to back up the position that raising the driving age makes sense and would save lives. …

Is 16 years old a kid?

The answer to this question in international and domestic law is clear: a child is anyone under the age of 18. They were also frequently denied other rights afforded to children in the criminal justice system, with many being treated the same as adults.

Is driving age always 16?

In 1921, Connecticut was the first state to allow a person 16 or older to drive, accompanied by someone with a license. Between 1919 and 1937, 15 states enacted minimum age requirements, with nine allowing 16-year-olds to obtain licenses. By the 1940s, most states had approved 16 as the minimum age.

Why should 14 year olds drive?

Driving during the teen years your child helps your child working become more independent, According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, on their Healthy Children website. Along with this independence comes more responsibilities and a more adult-like way of acting.

What country has the highest driving age?


What country can you drive at 15?

As an example, in France you can obtain a learners license and are legally allowed to drive with supervision from age 15, however you can only apply for and be granted a full driving license from the age of 18, giving you 3 years to learn!

What country has the lowest age for consent?


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