What crops did Sumerians grow?

What crops did Sumerians grow?

The main crops were barley and wheat. The Sumerians had gardens shaded by tall date palms where they grew peas, beans and lentils, vegetables like cucumbers, leeks, lettuces and garlic, and fruit such as grapes, apples, melons and figs.

What supplies did the Sumerians have?

Sumerians had two major ways of creating a stable food supply. The first was all of their complex irrigation systems. They built networks of canals, dams, and reservoirs to provide their crops with a regular supply of water. The second invention was the plow.

What did artisans make in Mesopotamia?

Artisans played an important role in the culture of the Mesopotamian people. They made everyday useful items like dishes, pots, clothing, baskets, boats, and weapons. They also created works of art meant to glorify the gods and the king. The most common material for Mesopotamian artists was clay.

What kinds of animals did the first Mesopotamians hunt?

They included lions, leopards, wild cattle, boar, deer, gazelle, ostrich, vultures and eagles. It was the duty of the king to protect his people from them and the lion hunt became the royal sport.

What did Mesopotamians believe?

Mesopotamian religion was polytheistic, with followers worshipping several main gods and thousands of minor gods. The three main gods were Ea (Sumerian: Enki), the god of wisdom and magic, Anu (Sumerian: An), the sky god, and Enlil (Ellil), the god of earth, storms and agriculture and the controller of fates.

What country would Mesopotamia reside in today?

Mesopotamia is an ancient, historical region that lies between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern-day Iraq and parts of Kuwait, Syria, Turkey and Iran. Part of the Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia was home to the earliest known human civilizations. Scholars believe the Agricultural Revolution started here.

What was the primary source of Sumer’s economy?

The system of trade developed from people’s need. People in the mountains needed wheat and barley. Mountain people could give timber, limestone, gold, silver, and copper. Flax was grown in the river valley and then woven into cloth.

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