What does detective Karyl tell Steve?

What does detective Karyl tell Steve?

Karyl says others are blaming Steve for pulling the trigger at the crime scene, an accusation Steve denies. Karyl persists, telling him he probably didn’t want to leave witnesses. Williams calls Karyl’s bluff, and asks why they are even dealing with Steve when the case is already good to go.

What does detective Karyl think about Steve getting the death penalty?

Does detective Karyl want the death penalty in this case? Yes, he wants the death penalty. No, he wants Steve to be set free.

Who is Detective Karyl in the book monster?

Detective Karyl investigates the crime scene with his partner Detective Williams and arrests Steve after King claims that Steve shot the handgun that killed Mr. Nesbitt.

Why did Williams and Karyl say that Steve pulled the trigger?

Why did Williams and Karyl say that Steve pulled the trigger when they questioned him about the death of Mr. Nesbitts? James king says Steve pulled the trigger.

Did Steve give King and Bobo a sign?

Did Steve give King and Bobo a sign? Steve does not give King and Bobo a sign and they assume the drugstore is “clear.”

What did Steve do when the pretty juror looked away from him?

What did Steve do when the pretty juror looked away from him? He put his head in his hands and cried. Why could Sal Zinzi & Wendell Bolden’s testimonies be called into question (not trusted)?

Why is Steve guilty in Monster?

Steve is on trial for allegedly being the lookout in a serious crime that involved robbery and murder. The first reason leading to the belief in Steve Harmon’s guilt is where Steve says that the moment the murder was committed he was “walking down the street, trying to make his mind a blank screen” (Myers 128).

Why does Steve feel like he already has the word monster tattooed on his forehead?

Not able to really speak in court. Script allows him to speak/express himself when in court. Why does Steve feel like his already has the word MONSTER tattooed on his forehead? He already feels as though this is how he is portrayed.

Why does Miss O’Brien put the pictures of Mr Nesbitt in front of Steve on the table?

Why does Miss O’Brien put the picture of Mr. Nesbitt in front of Steve on the table? She wanted him to look at them and too see his reaction.

What does the blanket Steve hides his head under symbolize?

Steve tries to hide his head under a blanket to avoid going to the first day of trial. The blanket symbolizes comfort and safety.

Why does Steve call himself a monster?

Which of the following statements best describes why Steve refers to himself as a “Monster”? It is James King’s nickname on the streets. It relates to the feeling that permanently goes along with being in jail. Steve is writing about his experiences in jail because he feels completely at ease while he is locked up.

What reason does Steve give for so many fights in jail?

King asks Steve to be the lookout. Why does Steve think prisoners fight so much? Steve thinks that prisoners fight so much in order to protect themselves, even if someone looks at you the wrong way.

Why is it best to cry at night while someone is screaming?

Terms in this set (50) As seen in the story Monster, why is it best to cry at night when someone is screaming? So that no one will hear you and that you will not become a target to get beaten up.

Why does Steve hate hate hate this place?

Why does Steve “hate, hate, hate” this place? He hates jail because it is a scary place and words cannot express how much he hates it.

What would have happened if Steve decided not to testify?

If Steve decided not to testify, he may have been in jail.

What is the hardest part for Steve as he watches his father cry?

What is the hardest part for Steve as he watches his father cry? He knows he’s not doing what his Dad dreamed he would do. What does O’brein mean when she says, “You’re young, you’re black, and you’re on trial.” Do you agree with what she’s saying?

What does Steve testify he was doing on the day of the crime?

What does Steve testify he was doing on the day of the crime? Petrocelli gets Steve to admit he knows everyone in the crime.

WHy does Steve think O’Brien sees him as guilty?

Steve thinks O’Brien thinks he is guilty. This could hurt him because she could be less motivated to let what she feels is a killer roam the streets, even if it is her job. This could help him because she could be looking at new and fresh angles to prove his is innocent.

Why did O’Brien not hug Steve?

She even encouraged him to lie on the witness by saying that he was out filming for his upcoming project on the day of the robbery. O’Brien knows that Steve is guilty, which is why she views with disgust and rejects his hug.

Why did O’Brien leave Steve?

The main reason for that is the story’s point of view. The book is written from Steve’s perspective, so we only know what he thinks and sees. Personally, I think O’Brien turned away because her job was done. Her job is over, and she doesn’t need to think about Steve again.

What does Steve’s mom say about him being guilty or innocent?

She tells him she knows he’s innocent, no matter what; she also tells him she loves him. Then she starts to cry. Steve heads back to his cell, wondering about his own innocence.

What does Steve’s mother tell him after she visits him in jail?

Authority Roles. Steve’s parents visit him regularly in jail, and Steve wishes that he could tell his brother, Jerry, that he loves him. Throughout the trial, Steve’s mother leaves cleaned shirts and underwear for him. She tells him that she knows he is innocent, regardless of what happens.

Does Steve think Ernie is guilty?

Steve is embarrassed that a smile can mean so much to him. When he asks her how many times she’s appeared in court, her mouth tightens, and she responds, “Too many times.” That’s when Steve knows that she thinks he’s guilty. He tells her he’s not guilty, that he didn’t do it.

WHO calls Steve a monster?

Sandra Petrocelli

Is Steve from Monster guilty?

In the novel Monster, the jury finds James King guilty of felony murder, but the narrator and protagonist, Steve Harmon, not guilty. In her closing statement, Steve’s lawyer, O’Brien, tells the jury that Steve is not guilty.

Is the movie monster based on a true story?

Is Netflix’s Monster a true story? No, Monster is based not a true story.

How did Mr Nesbitt died in Monster?

Moody testifies that Aguinaldo Nesbitt died from internal organ trauma and his lungs filling with blood: all from just a single bullet. In layman’s terms, Mr. Nesbitt drowned in his own blood, which by anyone’s standards is a pretty unpleasant way to go. The respective reactions of Steve and James King are telling.

Who does Bobo say planned the robbery?

Bobo says it was King, and that King was probably high when he did it. Briggs is done questioning, and now it’s O’Brien’s turn. Come on, O’Brien… She asks when Bobo talked with Steve.

Who was murdered in Monster?

Alguinaldo Nesbitt

Did Steve kill Mr Nesbitt?

Walter Dean Myers’ Monster tells the story of the murder of Aguinaldo Nesbitt, the proprietor of a drug store. Steve Harmon and Osvaldo Cruz are on trial as accessories to the murder, which was committed during the commission of a robbery. During the trial, Bobo testifies that King took Nesbitt’s gun and shot him.

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