What does Lord Capulet threaten Juliet with if she refuses to marry Paris?

What does Lord Capulet threaten Juliet with if she refuses to marry Paris?

She rejects the match, saying “I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear / It shall be Romeo—whom you know I hate— / Rather than Paris” (3.5. 121–123). Capulet enters the chamber. When he learns of Juliet’s determination to defy him he becomes enraged and threatens to disown Juliet if she refuses to obey him.

What happens when Juliet refuses to marry Paris?

Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she will marry Paris on Thursday, but Juliet refuses. Lord Capulet tells Juliet that she will not be allowed to live in their home if she does not marry Paris. Juliet plans see the Friar. If he is unable to help her, she says that she will kill herself.

What is Capulet’s response to Paris’s request to marry Juliet?

In response to Paris’s urgent desire to marry as soon as possible, Capulet shows that he loves his daughter greatly, saying that she is too young and asking Paris to wait for two more years.

What scene does Juliet refuse to marry Paris?

In Act Three, Scene 5, Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she will marry Paris on Thursday. Juliet is shocked and disturbed at this news. Juliet then tells her mother that she refuses to marry Paris so soon. When Lord Capulet enters the scene, he asks his wife where Juliet stands on their decision to have her marry Paris.

What does Paris say is wrong with Juliet?

Paris says that Juliet’s grief about Tybalt’s death has made her unbalanced, and that Capulet, in his wisdom, has determined they should marry soon so that Juliet can stop crying and put an end to her period of mourning. She remarks that she has not married him yet.

Why does Juliet apologize to her father?

What reason does Juliet give for offering an apology to her father? She says that she has learned from Friar Lawrence that she should repent for being disobedient.

What is Juliet afraid of?

She is afraid that the poison won’t do anything at all. She is afraid that she will wake up too early and be unable to breathe and waking up in a tomb will be so scary that it will drive her crazy.

Does the grief seem sincere?

“Upon the sweetest flower of all the field.” Does the grief seem sincere? The grief seems to be sincere, it is their only child. My soul and not my child!”

Does her parents grief seem sincere?

How do the mother and father react to Juliet’s death? They are miserable and shocked because their only child is dead. Does their grief seem sincere (real)? No they seem to worry about how it will reflect on them.

Why does Mercutio keep repeating a plague o both your houses?

Therefore, when Mercutio says, “A plague o’ both your houses,” he is cursing both the Capulet family (Tybalt’s family) and Montague family (Romeo’s family) because he sees his death as a consequence of their feud. He seems to repeat the curse for emphasis.

What is ironic about Mercutio’s taunt in scene I?

Hover for more information. In this scene, Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio have just fled the party in haste, for fear of being caught. Mercutio here thinks he is being very clever, to entice Romeo back out with the idea of getting his mind off fighting, and onto a girl. The irony is two-fold.

Why does the Friar get angry at Romeo?

The Friar is angry with Romeo for being ungrateful and explains that Romeo is lucky that he wasn’t condemned to death. The Prince looked objectively at the situation, decided that Tybalt was at least partly to blame for his own death, and commuted what should have been Romeo’s death sentence to banishment.

Why did Paris visit Friar Laurence?

Paris goes to talk to Friar Laurence in Scene 1 of Act IV. The reason that he is going to talk to the friar is because the friar is supposed to marry Paris to Juliet in just a few days. Friar Laurence is kind of reluctant to do this because he knows that Juliet is married to Romeo.

What do the Capulets think has happened to Juliet?

She is afriad that it won’t work or she’ll die. Act IV, Scene IV: What does Nurse think has happened to Juliet? She’s killed herself. Act IV, Scene IV: What visual evidence does Capulet have that makes him certain that his daughter is dead?

Why does Paris say Capulet rushed the marriage?

So, it is important for Paris to not disappoint the man who will be his father-in-law. In Act IV, scene i, Paris explains to Friar Laurence his rush to marry Juliet. He says it’s because she is grieving too much over her cousin Tybalt’s death. She has been spending too much time alone.

Is Paris really sad about the death of Juliet?

how does paris feel about Juliet’s “death”? He feels sad for Juliet and her family but he also feels cheated out of his marriage.

Why does Friar Laurence not want to marry Paris and Juliet?

What is Friar Laurence’s reasoning for being reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet? Friar Laurence is reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet because Juliet is too upset over Tybalt and will be confused from grief. She needs a clear head.

Why are they so eager to marry her off to Paris?

Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris because it is the best way for Juliet to secure a stronger social position, while increasing the family’s…

Who was Juliet going to marry?

Lord Capulet tells Juliet she must marry a man called Paris, not knowing she is already married. Friar Laurence gives Juliet a potion that will make her appear dead so she does not have to marry again. He sends Romeo a note to explain the plan and Juliet takes the potion.

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