What happens to Janina in milkweed?

What happens to Janina in milkweed?

Milgrom’s death, Janina becomes despondent, but she regains some of her old spark after Misha goes to great lengths to smuggle an egg for her. When Misha tries to get Janina to run away from the ghetto to avoid the deportations, she throws a fit and refuses to leave.

How did Misha meet Janina in milkweed?

In this story, bombs and hateful Polish farmers separate Misha’s family until he winds up as an orphan in Warsaw. While Misha is smuggling, he ends up in a garden where he meets a girl named Janina. Once Uri reassures Misha that the man he saw was in fact Himmler, Misha decides that he no longer wants to be a Jackboot.

What happened to Misha in milkweed?

Near the conclusion of the novel, Uri saves Misha’s life by shooting off Misha’s ear and convincing other Jackboots that he is dead. Though Uri’s fate is unknown, Misha does discover that the revolt against the Jackboots was eventually squashed and its participants sent to concentration camps.

Where do Misha and Janina go when they sneak out of the ghetto?

Misha and Janina sneak back into the ghetto and head for their home. What do they find when they get there? Everyone, including Mr. Milgrom and Uncle Shepsel, is gone.

Why does Misha stop tormenting Buffo?

What does Misha stop doing in ch. 30 and why? Misha stops tormenting Buffo so Janina will not be able to copy that part of him. Technically Janina obeys her father and stops going with Misha to the other side of the wall.

Why does Uri warn Misha to leave the ghetto as soon as possible?

Uri tells Misha that the Nazis have begun doing deportations and are clearing out the ghetto. Uri warns Misha about the trains that will be coming for them and tells him not to be in the ghetto when the deportations begin. Uri is seemingly aware that the trains are bringing Jewish people to concentration camps.

How did Misha leave the ghetto?

That night, Misha searches desperately for a way to leave the ghetto and find food on the other side. He finds a small space, two bricks wide, and squeezes through the tiny gap. Misha is only able to find a jar of pickled herring.

Why does Misha think he is a lucky orphan?

Chapter 17: Why does Misha think he’s a lucky orphan? because he is with the boys and he is not alone. You just studied 12 terms!

Why does Uri beat and shoot Misha?

In brief, Uri shoots Misha to save him. In Milkweed , Uri is one of Misha’s closest friends. Near the beginning of the novel, he not only rescues the homeless street urchin but gives him an identity, including a name and… (The entire section contains 125 words.)

What is the 1st rule of life that Misha learned?

As always, I was the first to move. I believe this was the first rule of life that I learned, though it was a twitch in my muscles rather than a thought in my head: Always be the first to move. As long as that happened, they would have to catch up, and I could not be caught.

Why were black pearls valuable in milkweed?

Why were “black pearls” valuable? Black pearls were coal and they were precious because the coal will give them warmth and warmth was very precious in the cold, harsh winter.

Why do the farmers tie up Misha in the barn?

Misha works on the farm and is tied to the stable post in the barn every night. Misha realizes that the war is over and that he has been on the farm for three years.

What struggles did Misha face while living in America?

One of the biggest struggles Misha faced was the constant back and forth to the nearest branch of a bank in home country.

What does Misha do when he rides the horses?

Misha spends hours riding horse after horse, laughing the whole time. Then, dizzy, he stumbles to the orphans’ home and tells Doctor Korczak to bring the children. Doctor Korczak shakes Misha, calling him “foolish, good-hearted boy.” He puts Misha to bed.

How did Misha finally find peace?

How did Misha finally find peace? He finally found peace because his grandchild called him puppy noodle and it made him forget all of the other names and it was his identity and biological family.

What happens to Misha and Janina at the train?

Janina races back to Stawki Station and into the group of people being shuffled into the train boxcars. Misha is bitten by a Jackboot dog and loses sight of Janina. The boys disappear one by one, Janina is thrown into a boxcar, and Mr.

Why did everyone leave the streetcar in milkweed?

Expert Answers The answer to your question is simple: the people tell the boys (Uri and Misha) to get off the streetcar because they are illegally hanging onto the sides as it is moving.

Who shoots Misha in the ear?


Who found Misha on train tracks and help him?

In Chapter 42, who finds Misha on the train tracks and helps him? Uri. Doctor Korczak.

Why did Misha desperately want to believe in angels?

Misha left after curfew one night and Uri wanted him next to him at all times. Why did Misha desperately want to believe in angels? Because Misha has never believed in anything before, so the idea of angels sounded great.

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