What is Lycra in denim?

What is Lycra in denim?

The solution: Create knit denim jeans with LYCRA® HYBRID technology and offer authentic denim aesthetics with the comfort and performance of a knit. Fabrics with this spandex (elastane) fiber are made using patented knit constructions that provide the right balance of flexibility and support.

What are stretchy jeans made of?

Stretch denim is a relatively new type of denim cotton (or sometimes a cotton/polyester blend) that incorporates a small amount of elastane, a stretchy, synthetic fiber — also known as Spandex or Lycra — into the fabric.

Are stretchy jeans good?

Comfort is the value of stretch denim Now, stretch jeans are more popular than all-cotton jeans in America. Stretch denim jeans are sold everywhere in skinny fits to relaxed fits. Comfort is the primary reason. We have found that men who prefer stretch denim say comfort is what the most want from their clothing.

Is Lycra fabric safe?

As long as they do not have elasticized waistbands or leg openings, they should be safe. Unlike cotton, fibers like nylon, polyester and lycra spandex don’t come from agricultural sources.

What is the disadvantage of spandex?

However, it also has few disadvantages. Spandex material is not a breathable fabric and traps moisture, sweat, bad odor within the garment which may lead to skin infection. These issues can be removed by combining cotton or other breathable materials with spandex.

Is Spandex Copyrighted?

LYCRA® fiber is the trademarked brand name of a class of synthetic elastic fibers known as spandex in the U.S., and elastane in the rest of the world.

Is spandex good for clothing?

Spandex is used in a variety of different clothing types. Since it is lightweight and does not restrict movement, it is most often used in athletic wear. This includes such garments as swimsuits, bicycle pants, and exercise wear. The form-fitting properties of spandex makes it a good for use in under-garments.

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