What is maintenance and type of maintenance PPT?

What is maintenance and type of maintenance PPT?

 Periodic maintenance Time based maintenance consists of periodically inspecting, servicing and cleaning equipment and replacing parts to prevent sudden failure and process problems  Predictive maintenance This is a method in which the service life of important part is predicted based on inspection or diagnosis, in …

What are the 3 types of maintenance?

What are the Different Types of Maintenance?

  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Condition-Based Maintenance.
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Corrective Maintenance.
  • Predetermined Maintenance.
  • Gaining Maintenance Knowledge with Interplay Learning.

What is the importance of maintenance in industry?

Maintenance is an important factor in quality assurance and in some cases determines the long-term success of a company. Poorly maintained resources can cause instability and partially or completely pause the production. Malfunctioning machines or complete breakdowns can become a costly process for most companies.

What are the 5 benefits of preventive maintenance?

Benefits of preventive maintenance

  • By implementing a preventive maintenance program machines will work at full efficiency creating profitable uptime, while reducing downtime.
  • Reduces the chances of complete machine breakdowns.
  • Reduces the chance of emergency repair calls.
  • Reduces downtime to locate and replace missing parts.
  • Saves money on electricity.

What is the main purpose of maintenance?

The purpose of maintenance is to ensure the maximum efficiency and availability of production equipment, utilities and related facilities at optimal cost and under satisfactory conditions of quality, safety and protection for the environment.

What is the maintenance strategy?

Definition. A maintenance strategy defines the rules for the sequence of planned maintenance work. It contains general scheduling information, and can therefore be assigned to as many maintenance task lists (PM task lists) and maintenance plans as required.

What is the importance of repair and maintenance?

The cost of regular maintenance is very small when it is compared to the cost of a major breakdown at which time there is no production. The main purpose of regular maintenance is to ensure that all equipment required for production is operating at 100% efficiency at all times.

Why is the maintenance of equipment is important?

Regular maintenance of equipment is an important and necessary activity. It has a vital role to play in reducing the risk associated with some workplace hazards and providing safer and healthier working conditions. …

What is maintenance of tools and equipment?

Preventive maintenance is the systematic care and protection of tools, equipment, machines, and vehicles in order to keep them in a safe, usable condition, that limits downtime and extends productivity. We must always be aware that maintenance tasks themselves are potentially hazardous and can result in injury.

What is the important of tools and equipment?

Tools are particularly important in construction work. They are primarily used to put things together (e.g., hammers and nail guns) or to take them apart (e.g., jackhammers and saws). Tools are often classified as hand tools and power tools. Hand tools include all non-powered tools, such as hammers and pliers.

What is the importance of care and maintenance of tools and equipment?

If you take care of your tools, they will return the favor. Proper care and routine maintenance of your hand tools and power tools makes any home improvement or repair project easier, safer and more successful. Proper tool care also saves you money because the better they’re cared for, the longer they’ll last.

What are tools and equipments?

Tools and equipment means all hand tools, implements, camp equipment, drawing office and survey instruments, medical and surgical instruments and all articles of similar nature, whether or not they are of an expendable nature, which are not normally issued to officers personally for use in carrying out their official …

What are the importance of tools?

Tools are the most important items that the ancient humans used to climb to the top of the food chain; by inventing tools, they were able to accomplish tasks that human bodies could not, such as using a spear or bow and arrow to kill prey, since their teeth were not sharp enough to pierce many animals’ skins.

What is the importance of business tools?

Business management tools are all the systems, applications, controls, calculating solutions, methodologies, etc. used by organizations to be able to cope with changing markets, ensure a competitive position in them and improve business performance.

What is the importance of fencing tool?

The use of proper fencing, essential farming supplies, can make or break your farming strategy. Nothing is worse than checking on your livestock only to find they aren’t where you left them. With the right implementation of fencing, you can keep in what needs to be there and keep out what doesn’t belong.

What are the uses of farm tools?

Preparing the area intended for growing various crops entails the use of farm tools Hand Tools These are tools made of light materials and are used manually. Most of the hand tools are used in cultivating the area for small garden or in backyard gardening.

What tools do I need for fencing?


  • Tape measure.
  • Digging spade.
  • Auger.
  • Club hammer.
  • Spirit level.
  • 2 x Builder’s line.
  • Panel saw.
  • Power drill.

What is the importance of Bolo?

The primary use for the bolo is clearing vegetation, whether for agriculture or during trail blazing. The bolo is also used in Filipino martial arts or Arnis as part of training.

What is the importance of power tools?

Power tools are capable of performing many complex tasks that can’t be performed with hand tools. They make it easier for the workers to complete several difficult tasks in less time and with lesser effort. These tools can go a long way when it comes to increasing the efficiency of workers by simplifying their work.

What are the different types of Bolo Brainly?

​ – Brainly.ph….Answer:

  • The all-purpose bolo- used for all sorts of odd jobs, including breaking open coconuts.
  • The haras- it is similar to a small scythe, it is used for cutting tall grass.
  • The kutsilyo- it is a term comes from the Spanish word cuchillo, meaning knife.
  • A smaller bolo.

What are the 3 types of power tools?

Power tools usually run on one of three types of power: compressed air, electricity, or combustion. When compressed air is used, air is pushed through the device in order to move various mechanical parts. The tool’s air compressor is usually powered by an electric motor or a combustion engine.

What are basic power tools?

The First 5 Power Tools You Should Own

  • Drill/Driver. The first power tool that most people purchase is a drill/driver.
  • Random Orbital Sander. If you’re going to start woodworking, then you’re going to want a power sander.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Rotary Tool.
  • Cordless Screwdriver.

What are the example of power tools?

Power tools include:

  • Air compressor.
  • Alligator shear.
  • Angle grinder.
  • Bandsaw.
  • Belt sander.
  • Biscuit joiner.
  • Ceramic tile cutter.
  • Chainsaw.

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