What is Robben Island known for?

What is Robben Island known for?

Robben Island is known for being the place former South African president Nelson Mandela was jailed for 18 of his 27 years, but the Island was the home of prisoners from outside South Africa, notably Namibia.

What is Cape Town known for?

The city is known for its harbour, for its natural setting in the Cape Floristic Region, and for landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point. Cape Town is home to 49% of the Western Cape’s population.

Is Robben Island a cultural or natural site?

Robben Island, and its buffer zone of one nautical mile, is legally protected as a National Heritage Site through the National Heritage Resources Act(No 25 of 1999); the World Heritage Convention Act (Act No 49 of 1999); the Cultural Institutions Act (Act No 119 of 1998); the National Environmental Management Act (Act …

Why is Robben Island a tourist attraction?

The prison museum is the primary reason that people visit Robben Island. Sometimes, the tour guide is an individual who was in prison on the island, many of them were contemporaries of Mandela himself.

Did anyone escape Robben Island?

Like Devil’s Island, it was nearly impossible to escape from Robben Island because of the harsh conditions. Only a few cases of escape have been reported, such as the cases noted of, Autshumato and Stuurman, among others.

What makes Robben Island unique?

Robben Island has been used as prison and a place where people were isolated, banished and exiled to for nearly 400 years. It was also used as a post office, a grazing ground, a mental hospital and an outpost. Initially the island was inhabited by a variety of wild life, including birds, penguins, seals and tortoises.

Can you stay overnight on Robben Island?

Previously no visitors have been allowed to overnight on the island. Visitors will be able to enjoy the authentic accommodation at the former governor of the island’s residence – overlooking the walkout point and the island’s famous pool area.

Who was the first prisoner on Robben Island?


How does Robben Island look like?

Robben Island is roughly oval in shape, 3.3 km (2.1 mi) long north–south, and 1.9 km (1.2 mi) wide, with an area of 5.08 km2 (1.96 sq mi). It is flat and only a few metres above sea level, as a result of an ancient erosion event.

How much does it cost to go to Robben Island?

Robben Island Museum will be introducing a two-tier pricing system, providing locals with a separate rate from international visitors, that will come into effective from June 2019….New prices:

Visitors Pricing
Locals R380 per adult R200 (children age 2-18)
International R550 per adult R300 (children age 2 -18)

Why Robben Island is so important to South Africa?

The island is a natural sanctuary for bird life – the northern part is a bird sanctuary – and has about 132 bird species, some of which are endangered. Many birds use the island for breeding purposes, including the Crowned Cormorant and Black-crowned Night Herons that flock to the island in numbers.

What is Robben Island now?

Today, Robben Island is a stark reminder of the apartheid system, and a symbol of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, suffering and injustice. The maximum-security prison is now a museum where daily tours are conducted by ex-political prisoners.

Can you visit Robben Island?

Visitors are transported to the island via ferry. All ferries depart from Nelson Mandela Gateway, at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Once on the Island, visitors are transported by bus. Transportation costs are included in the Robben Island Tour Price.

What do you wear to Robben Island?

In terms of attire, it is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes and to bring a hat, sunglasses and sun protection cream. Information: You will be transported to the Island via Ferries. The ferry will depart from the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the V & A Waterfront at 3:00 pm – weather permitting.

How does Robben Island get electricity?

World-Class Energy Solutions For decades, Robben Island relied solely on the use of diesel generators as a power source. This project was the NDT’s first step in a phased approach to reduce the island’s reliance on fossil fuel sources and its environmental impacts.

What type of world heritage site is Robben Island?

Robben Island was declared as a World Heritage Site (WHS) in 1999 under criteria (iii) and (vi) of the ‘World Heritage Convention’s Operational Guidelines’.

When was Robben Island declared a museum?


Who was imprisoned in Robben Island?

Nelson Mandela

How long was Mandela jailed?

27 years

How were prisoners treated on Robben Island?

“The way the prisoners were treated on the island was to demoralize them, to kill the human spirit,” Msomi said. Prison guards would cut out sentences or paragraphs from letters addressed to inmates from loved ones before delivering them to their cells. Inmates referred to them as “window letters”.

Where is Robben Island located in South Africa?

Table Bay

Why is Robben Island important Invictus?

Robben Island This island located off the coast of Cape Town is famous for two reasons: its wildlife and prison. Three of the four inmates imprisoned here became presidents of South Africa, including Nelson Mandela who spent 18 of his 27 years in prison on this island.

What did Nelson Mandela accomplish during his presidency?

He was the first non-White head of state in South African history, as well as the first to take office following the dismantling of the apartheid system and the introduction of full, multiracial democracy.

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