What is the ethical principle of paternalism?

What is the ethical principle of paternalism?

Paternalism—choosing a course of action in the patient’s best interest but without the patient’s consent—serves as an integral value in ethical decision making, both as a balance to other values and as an ethical obligation to neither withhold guidance nor abdicate professional responsibility to patients [12, 16, 17].

What is the opposite of paternalistic?

Opposite of having a caring or kindly nature. selfish. uncaring. thoughtless. inconsiderate.

What’s another word for condescending?

other words for condescending

  • arrogant.
  • patronizing.
  • snooty.
  • complaisant.
  • disdainful.
  • egotistic.
  • lofty.
  • snobbish.

What is the synonym of patronize?

patronize, patronise, condescend(verb) treat condescendingly. Synonyms: condescend, sponsor, keep going, descend, buy at, patronage, shop at, stoop, frequent, patronise, support, shop, lower oneself, deign.

What does it mean when a person is condescending?

: showing or characterized by a patronizing or superior attitude toward others.

What are the synonyms for antagonist?

other words for antagonist

  • adversary.
  • enemy.
  • foe.
  • bandit.
  • competitor.
  • contender.
  • opposer.
  • rival.

What does Tagonist mean?

1a(1) : the principal character in a literary work (such as a drama or story) (2) : the leading actor or principal character in a television show, movie, book, etc. b : an active participant in an event. 2 : a leader, proponent, or supporter of a cause : champion.

What is a one sided character called?

Term. FLAT CHARACTER. Definition. A character who is one-sided, and accentuates one aspect of a person.

How do you write a story with two protagonists?

How to Successfully Feature Multiple Main Characters

  1. Think Reader-First. You want nothing to stand in the way of the reader’s experience.
  2. Make Your POV Characters Distinct. In subsequent books in the Left Behind series, I used as many as five different perspective characters for one novel.
  3. Choose Carefully.

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