What is the focus of computer science?

What is the focus of computer science?

Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems; this includes their theory, design, development, and application.

What is the aim of computer science?

The goals of the computer and information sciences department are to prepare students for graduate training in some specialized area of computer science, to prepare students for jobs in industry, business or government, and to provide support courses for students in engineering, mathematics and other fields requiring …

How do I write a CSE research paper?

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How do I write a CS paper?

How to write a computer science paperContribution. First and foremost decide on what precisely is the contribution of your paper over the state of the art. Title. Find a short and precise title for you paper exactly matching the content. Abstract. The abstract is one of the most important parts of the paper. Paper structure.

What are the five parts of an introduction?

The introduction has five important responsibilities: get the audience ‘s attention, introduce the topic, explain its relevance to the audience, state a thesis or purpose, and outline the main points. By the end of the introduction, you should provide a road map that outlines your main points.

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