What is the honeyguide bird leading the honey badger to the bees hive both eat the honey?

What is the honeyguide bird leading the honey badger to the bees hive both eat the honey?

Honeyguides are named for a remarkable habit seen in one or two species: guiding humans to bee colonies. Once the hive is open and the honey is taken, the bird feeds on the remaining larvae and wax.

What type of symbiosis is shown by the hermit crab and the worm?

Organisms Type of Symbiotic Relationship
hermit crab and sea anemone mutualism
oxpecker bird and hippopotamus commensalism
tapeworm and dog parasitism
crocodile and Egyptian plover mutualism

Which symbiosis is a sixth grader and their pet?

M A sixth-year student and their pet. M A rhino and a tickbird. M Lichen – a composite organism of a fungus and an alga that benefits both.

What type of symbiosis is the egret an insect eating bird graze near some herbivores mouth?


What type of symbiosis is bacteria living on human skin?

Commensalism is a relationship between species in which one benefits and the other is unaffected. Humans are host to a variety of commensal bacteria in their bodies that do not harm them but rely on them for survival (e.g. bacteria that consume dead skin).

Which symbiosis is it Oxpecker and zebras?

mutualistic relationship

How do Oxpeckers benefit from zebras?

Oxpeckers are a type of small bird that land on zebras and eat ticks and other parasites that live on the zebra’s skin. The oxpeckers get food and the zebras get pest control.

Is salt water abiotic or biotic?

Biotic: fish, plants, algae, bacteria. Abiotic: salt, water, rocks, sediment, trash.

Is yogurt biotic or abiotic?

Yogurt – Abiotic or biotic? Biotic – Yogurt is produced when bacteria ferment milk. The bacteria present in the yogurt make it biotic.

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