What is the most overlooked dirt bike protective gear?

Dirt bike safety gear protects you from head to toe, ensuring you’re as safe as possible when riding your dirt bike. The primary pieces of equipment you’ll need are boots, and the actual gear that is pants and jersey set, while extra items of protective gear are a purely personal choice, or perhaps you have a current injury that requires one of them for further support but is often overlooked. A motorbike rider can never be completely safe, but you may add extra gear to offer you peace of mind while on tack or trail.

  1. Motorbike helmet

As you can’t prevent a crash or impact, dirt bike helmets can prevent or minimize injury to the head and brain. Motorbike helmets reduce the impulse on the head in case of a crash, by softening the impact.

  1. Motorbike gloves

Motorbike gloves provide excellent protection for your hands. During a crash, the first human instinct is to break the fall with our hands. A good pair of motorbike gloves will guard against abrasion and impact.

  1. Neck braces

Neck braces restrict the movement of the neck and head in a crash and can also deflect the impact to areas like the shoulders and chest. The braces may not entirely prevent injury, but they will reduce the risk of sustaining life-threatening injuries.

  1. Knee braces and guards

Knee braces are among the gear that protects the knee from injuries. They will typically have a solid external frame with a hinge located at the knee joint level. The knee guard offers full-knee protection and is easy to fasten. For added comfort, a knee guard cushion should be attached well to your body.

  1. Elbow guards

You are likely to use your elbows and hands when breaking a fall. Elbows can also hit wayward branches or other riders, especially on off-road trails. Elbow guards are fitted with armor plates for added protection while you are on the ride.

  1. Wrist braces

Think of how you naturally brace yourself during a fall. Most riders will put their hands in front of them as soon as they sense danger. If your hands impact the trail or pavement, you can end up with a broken or hyperextended wrist. A wrist guard will stabilize your wrist and reduce the severity of an injury to your wrist.

  1. Kidney belts

A kidney belt is one of the sure ways to protect your kidney while on the road with your motorcycle. It is a wideband constructed from reinforced material and protects the vital organs in the lower torso while improving your posture.

  1. Back protector

A back protector absorbs energy upon impact and spares your ribs, spine, and other organs like the spleen, kidney, and liver from injury. A rightly-sized protector will fit comfortably under other protective gear.

  1. Chest Protector

You can wear a chest protector over or underneath your jersey or jacket for thoracic protection. A chest protector will cushion the organs in the part of your body from impact.

  1. Motorbike Earplugs

Even with your ear tucked in your helmet, they are affected by the sound of wind rustling over. You can get earplugs from the store to guard against white noise,

  1. Motorbike Goggles

You can boost your vision by getting a tinted visor because it can be challenging to wear goggles in a helmet. Motorcycle goggles will offer protection against elements like debris, rain, and tree branches.

  1. Motorbike Mouth guards can be uncomfortable but they can guard against chipped and broken teeth.
  2. Ankle braces and ankle supports will offer protection against hyperextension-related injury.
  3. Some riders choose to wear long underwear with special features to withstand weather elements.


Riding a motorbike is as dangerous as any other extreme sport. Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, but things can shift from fun to life-threatening very fast. The technology in motorbike gear has advanced to offer both comfort and safety. The essential gears can protect your vital organs like your head, hands, knees, and legs, which are directly exposed to riding elements.

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