What is the point of split reins?

What is the point of split reins?

Split reins: a rein style seen in western riding where the reins are not attached to one another at the ends. They prevent a horse from tangling its feet in a looped rein, particularly when the rider is dismounted. They are considerably longer than closed reins.

What size split reins should I get?

In general, the ½ inch wide reins work well for smaller hands, the 5/8-inch reins work well for almost everyone and the ¾ inch reins are preferred by riders with larger hands or who want a wide rein to train in.

Can you use split reins with a snaffle bit?

Split reins are acceptable in most association’s classes with a snaffle bit for direct reining or a curb bit for indirect (neck) reining. Junior horses can be shown in a snaffle with split reins. A mecate has both a looped rein and a length used as a lead rope, called a tie-rein.

Why are Western reins split?

They’re split because a working horse goes into some pretty dense country. A looped rein that snags on a passing bush can cause a situation to develop. But if you have split reins and one gets caught, you just let it go. You’ve got the other one to hold on to and then gather up the offending one after it comes clear.

What are reins in the Bible?

plural noun. the kidneys. the region of the kidneys, or the lower part of the back. (especially in Biblical use) the seat of the feelings or affections, formerly identified with the kidneys.

What does pulling back the reins mean?

To begin doing something more carefully or cautiously; to regain or tighten control over someone or something.

What do you hold on to when riding a horse?

When riding a horse, how you hold the reins is an important part of riding. The reins help you communicate with the horse and tell it when to turn and where to go. If you are an advanced rider, the reins can help you convey numerous signals to your horse to enhance your riding.

Where should your hands be when riding a horse?

Your hands should be carried at roughly the width of your horse’s withers, and slightly above them. Horses that are working at more advanced levels can be ridden with the hands closer together because they are able to depend on the rider’s leg and seat aids, rather than on the hand for directional guidance.

How do you attach mecate reins?

Taking the tassel end of the mecate through the “v” part of the bosal, making sure it is facing away from your hanger headstall. Wrap your mecate around the “v” portion of the bosal 3 times. Push the mecate down snug. Reach from underneath and pull down the mecate to form your reins in the length you need.

How long should mecate reins be?

Loop reins come in shorter lengths, normally 8-10 ft. Mecate reins come in much longer lengths, often from 20-24 ft.

What are loop reins?

These loop reins are 9 feet long and made with 9/16″ double braid polyester rope (aka yacht rope). The scissor clasps can be removed and the reins can be attached to the bit without the clasps if you choose to. Water loops are made from quality harness leather and the rein ends are back spliced and not melted.

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