What is the setting of the story chrysanthemum?

What is the setting of the story chrysanthemum?

The setting of the book takes place between Chrysanthemums house and and the school that she attends. The main characters in the book are Chrysanthemum, her parents, and her bully, Victoria. The book is told from a third person omniscient point of view.

How old is the main character in the chrysanthemums?

The protagonist. A robust thirty-five-year-old woman, Elisa lives with her husband, Henry, on a ranch in the Salinas Valley.

Where are Henry and Elisa Allen headed on the evening the story takes place?


What is the theme of the chrysanthemums?

The story’s major theme is about gender roles and the oppression of women. Trapped in her role as “wife”, “gardener”, and “housekeeper”, Elisa longs to have more agency, but can only watch from a distance as her husband negotiates business deals, and ask for small favors like wine at dinner.

Why are chrysanthemums associated with death?

White chrysanthemum blooms are reserved for funerals and decorating graves. In several European nations, including Belgium, Italy, France and Austria, chrysanthemum symbolism has to do with death. The only time chrysanthemum flowers are given in these nations is as a token of comfort, grief or bereavement.

What do the chrysanthemums symbolize in the story?

First, the chrysanthemums symbolize Elisa’s children. Elisa’s pride in her ability to grow such beautiful flowers reinforces the fact that the flowers are a replacement for her children. In the second part of the story, the chrysanthemums come to symbolize Elisa’s femininity and sexuality.

What is Elisa’s reaction to the stranger’s leaving?

After the stranger leaves, Elisa feels energized. She feels profoundly alive and attractive. So to make herself appear on the outside the way that she feels on the inside, she applies her normal house cleaning zeal toward herself.

Why does Elisa begin to trust the stranger and invites him into her garden?

Because he compliments her appearance. D. Because he offers to fix her dented pots and pans. Funsizeannie is waiting for your help.

What is the stranger’s motivation for pretending to be interested in Elisa’s chrysanthemums?

In the short story The Chrysanthemums, the stranger’s motivation for pretending to be interested in Elisa’s chrysanthemums is because he wants Elisa to give him work so he can earn some money. He is a poor tinker who may not be able to afford dinner unless he is given some sort of a job by Elisa.

What is the purpose of including the dogs in chrysanthemums?

By including the dogs in the story, Steinbeck wants to convey Elisa’s feeling of guilt or desire to escape from her role as a housewife and experience adventure. Therefore, the dogs act as “quiet” reminders of Elisa’s deep-seated desire. Click to see full answer.

Which excerpt from the chrysanthemums foreshadows Elisa’s feelings of being trapped?

On every side it sat like a lid on the mountains and made of the great valley a closed pot. By saying that her sorruondings were like a closed pot, a please where you can´t escape John Steineck tries to make the reader know that she feels trapped there.

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