What kind of transmission fluid does a Ford Mustang take?

What kind of transmission fluid does a Ford Mustang take?

Motorcraft Mercon V® Transmission Fluid is recommended for all automatic transmissions requiring Ford Mercon V® transmission fluid. Five (5) quarts are required for a regular transmission maintenance flush.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1999 Ford Mustang take?

O’Reilly Synthetic Transmission Fluid Mercon V 1 Quart.

What transmission does a 2000 Mustang V6 have?

V6 Mustangs were equipped with Tremec’s T-5 transmission. This was one of the manual transmissions that Ford used for the longest period of time, and they’re remarkably reliable even if they don’t have a very beefy torque rating. The 2000 Mustang GT was equipped with a T-45 transmission.

Will a transmission from a V6 fit a v8?

v8 swap is very easy, the stock v6 tranny will work but it won’t hold up as well as the v8 tranny, and get the v8 computer and wire in the extra 2 injectors into the wiring harness and your set.

What transmission is in a 2001 Mustang Bullitt?

Used 2001 Ford Mustang BULLITT Specs & Features

Most Popular Bullitt GT 2dr Coupe 4.6L 8cyl 5M Bullitt GT 2dr Coupe (4.6L 8cyl 5M) – $26,230 (Most Popular) Starting MSRP $26,230 See Mustang Inventory
Engine Type Gas
Transmission 5-speed manual
Drive Type Rear wheel drive

How many 2001 Mustangs were Bullitt?

Total Production Numbers A Total of 5582 were made but the numbers go up 5601. These numbers includes 3 prototypes of which the McQueen family received four cars.

What 3 colors did the 2001 Bullitt come in?

The Bullitt Mustang was offered in only three colors: Dark Highland Green (like Steve McQueen’s original Bullitt Mustang), True Blue, and Black. Total production was 5582 units, with 3041 of those in Dark Highland Green.

How much does a 2001 Mustang Bullitt weight?

3360 lb

How much horsepower does a 2001 Mustang GT have?

260 to 265 hp

What engine did the 2001 Mustang have?

No doubt some Mustang purists are still having trouble sleeping at night over the loss of the 302, replaced in 1996 by the modular sohc 4.6-liter V-8. Back in 1996 that engine produced 215 bhp…

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