What lesson did Roger learn in thank you ma am?

What lesson did Roger learn in thank you ma am?

Hover for more information. mwestwood, M.A. Young Roger has learned (1) to respect people and their property, and he has learned that (2) there are people who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of others. (1) When Roger attempts to steal her purse away from Mrs.

What did Mrs Jones want to teach Roger?

Mrs. Jones wants Roger to know they have something in common in order to teach him “right from wrong.”

How does Mrs Jones show she trusts Roger?

Another way she shows Roger her trust is when she walks behind the curtain to make supper, and she leaves her purse sitting in plain sight. Roger moves so that she can see him at all times. She trusts him enough not to hide her purse. She does not mandate he stay with her or admonish him not to touch her things.

What did Roger say when he tried to steal Mrs Jones pocketbook?

Roger tried to steal Mrs. Jones’s purse in “Thank You, M’am” to acquire enough money to purchase a pair of blue suede shoes.

Why did the boy try to steal the womans purse?

In Langston Hughes short story “Thank You M’am,” Roger tells Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones his motive for attempting to steal her purse is to get money to purchase blue suede shoes. After thwarting his attempt, Mrs. Jones realizes his motive is far more than wanting new shoes, even if Roger is not aware of it.

Is Mrs Jones Luella rich?

Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is not a wealthy lady when it comes to her finances, but she does have a wealth of character. She’s willing to share the little she has with a boy who tries to rob her because she can see past his negative actions to the hopelessness and sorrow beneath them.

Is Roger homeless in thank you ma am?

Jones gives him money to buy a pair of blue suede shoes, Roger is at a loss for words and can only say, “Thank you, m’am.” Carroll Khan, M.A. Luella Bates Washington Jones’s purse in order to buy a pair of blue suede shoes. Roger resides in the inner-city and lives in poverty.

Why did Mrs Jones avoid asking Roger any questions during dinner?

Jones asked Roger his name and whether he had had his dinner. When Roger answered that nobody would be home to expect his presence at the dinner table, Mrs. Roger refrained from asking anything else. She did not inquire as to where Roger lived, who he lived with, or whether his family cared about him.

What does Roger do when Mrs Jones Leave him alone with her purse?

Answer: Mrs. Jones decides not to contact the authorities, she drags him back to her room in the boarding house. When they arrive back in the room, she places her purse on the day-bed in plain sight and instructs Roger to wash up.

Why did Roger offer to the store?

When Roger notices that Mrs. Jones left her purse behind, he purposely sits at the far end of the room, wanting to gain Mrs. Jones’s trust. Overall, Roger offers to go to the store to prove his honesty and gauge whether or not Mrs.

Why is the trust of Mrs Jones so important to Roger?

Hughes tells us that Roger “did not want to be mistrusted now.” He sits so that Mrs. Jones can see him so that she will know that she can trust him. This is important to the story as it shows that Roger has come to care about what Mrs. Jones thinks of him.

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