What size tires are on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

What size tires are on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

Jeep Cherokee 1995 2.5TD

Tire Rim
215/75R15 100S 7Jx15 ET25 2.3
225/75R15 102S 7Jx15 ET25 2.3
225/70R15 100S 7Jx15 ET25 2.3
225/70R16 102S 7Jx16 ET25 2.3

Can you put bigger tires on a Jeep Cherokee?

Registered. Without lift you can’t. You may need to lift and also in this case change the arms for a properly alignment of 4 wheels.

Do all Jeep rims fit all Jeeps?

All Jeep Wranglers have five bolts that hold the wheels in place, but the different models have subtle differences in the measurements between the bolts. All JKs and JLs have the same lug pattern and hub center bore, but there are some subtle measurement differences in the stud sizes.

What size wheels can I put on my Jeep?

What Are the Largest Tires You Can Have Without Adding a Lift? Depending on the model you have, most Jeeps need lifts for tires that are 33” or larger. But, this doesn’t mean that your stock Jeep Wrangler Unlimited will be okay with 32” tires. If the tires are too wide, they will rub against the fenders.

What jeeps have 5×5 bolt pattern?

That’s because, while most Jeeps have a five lugs, different models have different spacing between the lugs. For example, all JK Wrangler vehicles (2007-18) have a 5×5 bolt pattern – meaning five lugs with a five inch spacing. Earlier TJ Wrangler models (1997-06) and YJ editions (1987-95) employ a 5×4. 5 pattern.

What other vehicles will Jeep wheels fit?

5×4. 5 Jeep wheels will fit many Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles such as the Ranger and Explorer (in certain year ranges) as well as a lot of others, too many to really give specifics.

Does Ford and Jeep have the same lug pattern?

Will Jeep wheels fit on a Ford? Yes, some wheels will fit on a Ford if they provide the right five-lug pattern and proper wheel offset to work. Your wheels need to have similar bolt patterns as well as the same wheel dimension.

Can I replace 20 inch rims with 17 inch rims?

The total of the diameter is also dependent on how much rubber is between the rim and the ground. It is possible to get a 17 and 20 inch wheel with the same overall diameter.

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