What subatomic particle is the easiest to add or remove?

What subatomic particle is the easiest to add or remove?

Electrons are the easiest to add or remove from an atom.

Why does chlorine have 18 neutrons?

An element with 17 protons will always be chlorine. However an element’s mass numbers can vary, which means that it can have different numbers of neutrons. So although chlorine has a mass number of 35 which means it has 18 neutrons, it can also have a mass number of 37, which means it has 20 neutrons.

Why does chlorine have two isotopes?

The mass number is a tally of the number of protons and the number of neutrons in an atom’s nucleus. Since all atoms of chlorine contain 17 protons, chlorine-35 and chlorine-37 differ in the number of neutrons each one has. Adding or removing a neutron from an atom’s nucleus creates isotopes of a particular element.

Is chlorine-36 stable?

Chlorine-36 (36Cl) is an isotope of chlorine. Chlorine has two stable isotopes and one naturally occurring radioactive isotope, the cosmogenic isotope 36Cl. Its half-life is 301,300 ± 1,500 years. The half-life of this isotope makes it suitable for geologic dating in the range of 60,000 to 1 million years.

Is chlorine 37 radioactive?

There are two stable isotopes, 35Cl (75.77%) and 37Cl (24.23%), giving chlorine a standard atomic weight of 35.45. The longest-lived radioactive isotope is 36Cl, which has a half-life of 301,000 years….List of isotopes.

IT: Isomeric transition
p: Proton emission

What is the ratio of CL 35 to CL 37?

1 : 2

What is the natural abundance of Cl 37?


What is the abundance of Cl with atomic weight of 35 amu?

34.968 8527

What is the abundance of Cl with an atomic weight of 35?


How is atomic weight calculated?

The atomic weight of any atom can be found by multiplying the abundance of an isotope of an element by the atomic mass of the element and then adding the results together. This equation can be used with elements with two or more isotopes: Carbon-12: 0.9889 x 12.0000 = 11.8668. Carbon-13: 0.0111 x 13.0034 = 0.1443.

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