What two groups helped the king govern and how?

What two groups helped the king govern and how?

What two groups helped the king govern? How? Officials helped the king govern different parts of society such as the armed forces and industry. Governess helped him rule different parts of the empire.

What two groups helped the king govern how text to speech?

How? The two groups that helped the king govern were officials and governors. The officials worked and dealed with the armed forces, industry, tax collection, and foreigners. The governors were to help rule some parts of his empire, such as the capital city and some conquered areas.

Which two major trade goods made Ghana rich?

The trade of salt and gold made the rulers of Ghana rich.

What were lorries and how did they help Ghanaians control trade?

Farmers and traders used the wooden-sided lorries to transport produce from rural production zones to regional markets and coastal ports. These sorts of practices were extensions of local cultures of entrepreneurialism and commerce, but they were also expressions of resistance.

What were the two major trade goods that made Ghana rich Where did each come from quizlet?

Trade made Ghana wealthy because Ghana taxed goods coming into and out of the empire. Taxes helped pay for armies to protect the kingdom and to conquer other territories. Gold was important because it was used to make coins and to purchase silk and porcelain from China.

Why did Ghana decline What took over quizlet?

Ghana’s decline was caused by loss of natural resources due to overpopulation and attacks from neighboring kingdoms. The battle of kirina in 1235 CE was against Sumanguru and Sundiata, it was believed to be a magic battle and Sundiata won. Sundiata and mansa Musa were the rulers.

How did Ghana fall?

A terrible drought took hold of Ghana and gold mining fell into decline. Archaeologists have found evidence that confirms elements of the story, showing that until the 12th century, sheep and cows, as well goats, were abundant in the region.

What contributed to fall of Ghana?

So the main reasons that Ghana fell are: There was one war after another so Ghana couldn’t recover. Trade declined after the gold mining decreased, so there was no income coming in. People left the region because of the drought and the wars so the population of ancient Ghana decreased.

How did Mali fall?

The Mali Empire collapsed in the 1460s following civil wars, the opening up of trade routes elsewhere, and the rise of the neighbouring Songhai Empire, but it did continue to control a small part of the western empire into the 17th century.

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