What was Cosimo de Medici searching for that had been secretly hidden away by some medieval churches?

What was Cosimo de Medici searching for that had been secretly hidden away by some medieval churches?

But hidden in the darkest vaults of the church lay a prize far older and more precious and sometimes far more dangerous. What these men were really after was knowledge. Cosimo de Medici and his friends were searching for lost secrets from the ancient world.

What was Cosimo accused of?

Cosimo de’ Medici is buried in a tomb in the church of San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy. Cosimo traditionally has been accused of destroying Florentine liberties; but these ancient liberties, more of an illusion than a reality, had already ceased to exist in the Florence of the Albizzi.

When Cosimo returns to Florence who runs the city?

Cosimo de’ Medici dies in 1464. He is succeeded for five years by his son Piero, on whose death the leading citizens of Florence invite Piero’s son Lorenzo, aged only twenty, to occupy the same informal position as ruler of the city.

Why did Richard Madden leave Medici?

Richard Madden wanted something more post-Thrones Obviously, the big reason why Richard Madden left Game of Thrones is because his character was always meant to be murdered. The show was an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, the first of which is entitled A Game of Thrones.

Did Richard Madden want to leave Game of Thrones?

After being known only as Robb Stark for three seasons on “Game of Thrones,” Richard Madden was ready to move on and play characters who aren’t so idealistic and noble. “I’d like to explore things that are a bit not Romeo. I think I spent 10 years playing different versions of Romeo.

How does Medici season 2 end?

In the Season 2 finale, we saw this come to fruition as Giuliano is assassinated. However, Lorenzo is able to stop the rest of the conspirators and hangs Jacopo, Francesco and Salviati in retaliation for what was done. This began a two-year war with the papacy which is what Season 3 will depict.

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