Where are micro fusion cells found?

Where are micro fusion cells found?

Locations. REPCONN headquarters – A large stockpile of microfusion cells can be found behind an Average locked door on the first floor. Over 600 microfusion cells can be found throughout the rest of the building. Quartermaster Bardon in the Hoover Dam offices stocks large quantities.

What is MF breeder?

The microfusion breeder cell is the default ammunition always included with any recharger energy weapon found or purchased in the game, and is itself never found in the game world or sold by vendors. It holds no monetary value or weight encumbrance, even in hardcore mode.

Where is quartermaster Bardon?

Hoover Dam offices

Where can I find EC packs in Fallout New Vegas?

Fiends around Vault 3 and Westside usually have electron charge packs or their drained variant if they have a laser RCW. Sometimes it may also be found on Fiends who lack any compatible weapons. The Great Khan armorer sells bulk, overcharge, and standard electron charge packs.

Where is the Great Khan armory?

Mojave Wasteland

Do Stimpaks count as Chems?

Yes it is but unlike every other chem you can not get addicted and it has no downside.

Should I dilute Stimpaks?

Finally, you can multiply your healing item supply by diluting Stimpacks — and unlocking the valuable Chemist perk. Diluted Stimpack: Heals half as much as a standard stimpack.

Is a Stimpak a chem?

A stimpak is a healing chem in Fallout 76.

How do you use a Stimpak?

There is no way to force them to use them, they will just use them on their own until their stock you give them when you send them out goes away. Nothing (that is in the game right now) can cause them to die in a single attack that they would not be able to heal from so no worries there.

Where can I farm Stimpacks?

One of the most reported active stimpak farm locations is the safe in the Watoga Municipal Center. Players have reported as many as eight stimpaks in the safe. Once you crack it and get the loot, server hop and repeat. Watoga is found in the Cranberry Bog region in the southwest portion of the map.

What is Stimpak fallout shelter?

Uses. Stimpaks are used to heal 50% of a vault dweller’s health. They can be given to vault dwellers who are sent to explore the wasteland, who will automatically use them when their health gets too low.

How many Medbays can you merge?

The Medbay room requires you have 14 Dwellers in your Vault before it can be unlocked. Building a Medbay allows your Vault to produce Stimpaks and heal injured Dwellers….Medbay.

Room Name Medbay
Resource Stimpaks
Room SPECIAL Intelligence

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