Which caste are included in BC?

Which caste are included in BC?

S.No Caste
1. Aheria, Aheri, Heri, Naik,Thori or Turi
2. Barra
3. Beta , Hensi or, Hesi
4. Changar

What is OBC BC and MBC?

MBC will fall under OBC category when ones family income is less than 6 lakhs per annum. Otherwise they comes Under general category. One have to get the OBC certificate in a prescribed form from state Authority by producing the pay slip of family income.

What is BC and MBC caste?

Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Department is providing various schemes for the all round development of those people belongs to BC /MBC and Minorities Community.

What is BC MBC category?

Browsing “Tamil Nadu” by Department Backward Classes(BC), Most Backward Classes(MBC) and Minorities Welfare Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.

Are mudaliar and Pillai same?

Even though 90% of the tamilian vellalas have pillai, mudaliar or gounder surnames it should be remembered that not all mudaliars, pillais and gounders are vellalas. The vice-versa is also true- thus sometimes some vellalas have other surnames like chettiar, nayakar, etc.

Which caste comes under BC in TamilNadu?

  • BACKWARD CLASSES. Agamudayar including Thozhu or Thuluva Vellala. Agaram Vellan Chettiar. Alwar, Azhavar and Alavar (in Kanniyakumari District and Shencottah Taluk of Tirunelveli District.) Servai(except Tiruchirapalli, Karur, Perambalur and Pudukottai Districts.)
  • MOST BACKWARD CLASSES. 144. Ambalakarar. 145. Andipandaram.

What is the meaning of Mudaliar?

Mudaliar (alternatively spelled: Muthaliar, Mudali, Muthali or Moodley) is a title used by people belonging to various Tamil castes. Castes using the title speak Tamil as their native language. The title was mostly used in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka in medieval times as an honorary title to feudal landlords.

What is Mudaliar Committee?

Mudaliar Committee, 1962. This committee known as the “Health Survey and Planning Committee”, headed by Dr. A.L. Mudaliar, was appointed to assess the performance in health sector since the submission of Bhore Committee report.

Is mudaliar a Brahmin?

TAMIL SPOKEN BY MUDALIARS IN. During the British period most of the key positions in the Government offices were occupied by the Tamil Brahmins and it was Brahmins who brought Mudaliars from Tamilnadu to help them in administration. Even now it is found that many houses of Mudaliars are named as ‘Arcot House’.

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