Which country is Schiphol Airport?

Which country is Schiphol Airport?

the Netherlands

Where is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol AMS?

Schiphol Airport, or Luchthaven Schiphol in Dutch, is the largest and most important airport in the Netherlands. Located near Amsterdam, it’s a significant air traffic hub and the third largest airport in Europe. Schiphol is also the home airport for the Dutch flight companies KLM and Transavia.

How far is Schiphol Airport from City?

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam-Centraal by train

Journey time From 14m
Price From €4.60
Distance 8 miles (12 km)
Frequency 15 trains per day
First train 04:53

Are there 2 airports in Amsterdam?

The nearest airport to Amsterdam is Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Airport which is 11.2 km away. Other nearby airports include Rotterdam (RTM) (56.6 km), Eindhoven (EIN) (107.5 km), Brussels (BRU) (166.5 km) and Dusseldorf (DUS) (177.3 km).

What does Schiphol mean in English?

ships hell

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Amsterdam?

High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Amsterdam is February.

Is Amsterdam expensive to visit?

It can be really expensive or reasonably cheap. If you choose to dine & wine in a nice restaurant, expect to pay 50€ plus per person. In a mid-range restaurant, you can eat well and spend around 20€ to 30€ for a meal. And of course, there are plenty of cheap places to eat in Amsterdam.

What is the best day trip from Amsterdam?

The very best Amsterdam day trips:

  1. Zaanse Shans. Zaanse Schans is a wonderful day trip from Amsterdam where you can experience quintessentially Dutch things like windmills and wooden clogs.
  2. Volendam, Marken & Edam.
  3. Giethoorn.
  4. Keukenhof Gardens & Lisse Tulip Fields.
  5. Bruges (Belgium)
  6. Rotterdam.
  7. The Hague.
  8. Delft.

What is the age limit in Amsterdam?

Age restrictions In the Netherlands, only those over the age of 16 can purchase alcohol (over 18 for spirits), while you have to be 16 to buy cigarettes (18 to smoke dope). Driving is limited to over-18s.

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