Which district is Udupi located?

Which district is Udupi located?

Udupi was carved out as a separate district from the erstwhile Dakshina Kannada district on 25 August 1997. Udupi, Kundapura and Karkala were bifurcated from the Dakshina Kannada District and the Udupi District was formed….About District.

Area 3,582 sq.km
Villages 233

How did Udupi get its name?

It is widely believed that the name of Udupi was derived from its Tulu name Odipu. The Tulu name in turn is associated with a temple at Malpe, devoted to Vadabhandeshwara. According to this story, therefore, Udupi means the land of the “lord of the stars,” the moon.

Is Udupi comes under Dakshina Kannada?

The Udupi district was formed from the northern taluks of Dakshina Kannada in 1997. Three taluks of the former district – Udupi, Karkala and Kundapura – formed the new Udupi district.

How many villages are there in kundapura?

As per Census 2011, there are 2 towns and 98 villages within Kundapura Taluka.

Which is the historical city of kundapura?

Kundapur, yakshagana also called Kundapura, is a coastal town situated in the Udupi district of the state of Karnataka, India….This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia’s layout guidelines.

District Udupi
Municipality Kundapura Town Municipal Council
Settled 1912

Which is the Taluk of kundapura?

Kundapura Taluka – Udupi

# Town State
1 Kundapura Town Municipal Council Karnataka
2 Koteshwar Census Town Karnataka

What is special in Kundapur?

  • Padukone. Must visit 3.5 /5. 10 km. from city center 1 out of 12.
  • Trasi. Must visit 3.4 /5. 10 km. from city center 2 out of 12.
  • Shankaranarayana. Must visit 3.4 /5. 18 km.
  • Mahalasa Narayani Temple. 3.1 /5. 1 km.
  • Uppinakudru. 3.1 /5. 4 km.
  • Kodi Beach. 3.1 /5. 3 km.
  • Kundeswara Temple. 3.1 /5. 0 km.
  • Anegudde Vinayaka Temple. 3.1 /5. 7 km.

Is kundapura rural or urban?

The total area of Kundapura is 1569 sq.km with population density of 254 per sq.km. Out of total population, 89.79% of population lives in Urban area and 10.21% lives in Rural area….Kundapura Urban & Rural Population.

Description Urban Rural
Sex Ratio 1062 1132
Literacy (%) 81.63% 73.36%

What is the Pincode of Kundapur?


Is brahmavar a Taluk?

Brahmavar is a taluk in Udupi district located on NH 66 (formerly NH 17), 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) north of the Udupi in Karnataka, India.

Why is Udupi famous?

Udupi is one of the top tourist attractions in Karnataka and has various educational institutions. It is notable for the Krishna Temple and is also known as the temple city. It also lends its name to the popular Udupi cuisine, is also known as Lord Parashurama Kshetra, and is famous for Kanakana kindi.

How much is Taluk in Udupi?

There are seven taluks, 233 villages and 21 towns in Udupi district.

How many Taluks are there in Karnataka?

175 taluks

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