Who gave Kapil Dev the nickname Haryana hurricane?

Who gave Kapil Dev the nickname Haryana hurricane?

Arfa Javaid

Birth January 6, 1959 (Chandigarh, India)
Age 61 years
Full Name Kapil Dev Ram Lal Nikhanj
Nickname Paaji, The Haryana Hurricane
Profession Cricketer (All-rounder)

Why is Kapil Dev called Haryana hurricane?

Kapil Dev was the captain when India lift ICC one day international world cup first time in 1983. Kapil dev saved the Indian team again and again and brought major victories along with his highly skilled bowling and batting capacities. Therefore all the fans and therefore the teammates called him ‘Haryana Hurricane’.

Who is ODI revolutionist?

ODI revolutionist = Virender Sehwag .

What is Kapil Dev doing now?

Kapil Dev got discharged today afternoon. He’s doing fine and can resume his regular daily activity soon. He’ll be under regular follow-up consultation with Dr. Atul Mathur,” the hospital said in a statement, reported Press Trust of India.

Who is the richest cricketer in the world?

Here’s take a look at top 5 richest cricketers in the world.

  • Sachin Tendulkar. Legendary India opener Sachin Tendulkar is the richest cricketer in the world.
  • MS Dhoni. Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the most popular crickters in the world.
  • Virat Kohli.
  • Ricky Ponting.
  • Brian Lara.

Does SRK own a private jet?

Bollywood’s king khan Shah Rukh Khan owns a private jet and often travels across the globe with his jet.

Does Virat Kohli own a jet?

Does Virat Kohli own a private jet? The current Indian captain is the newest amongst the Indian cricketers to own his flying machine. Virat Kohli’s private jet Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign is expected to cost around INR 125 crores.

How many cars does Virat Kohli have?

Kohli happens to be an avid motoring enthusiast and a quite a fan of Audi cars. You don’t have to be his close friend to find that out. He owns four Audis, one of which is the fastest ever from the brand. Click on to the next slides and gawp at the man’s prized collection of cars.

Who gifted Ferrari to Dhoni?

He owns a Nissan GTR that produces an massive 550 bhp and can do 0-100 kmph in just 2.9 seconds. From one God to another, Formula One champion Michael Schumacher gifted Tendulkar a 360 Modena Ferrari back in 2002, which he later sold in 2011.

How many cars Bill Gates have?

With a net worth of more than US$ 100 billion, Bill Gates can afford any car he wants. The garage at his mansion can house 23 cars. But still his collection is relatively modest….Bill Gates Car Collection.

Name: Bill Gates
Car: Porsche 911, Porsche 959

Which Bentley Virat Kohli owns?

Bentley Continental GT Virat Kohli purchased a Bentley Continental GT in 2018 which costs close to ₹3.8 crore. The Bentley reportedly remains parked in Delhi and is driven around by him when he visits home.

Who bought Virat Kohli car?

Sagar Thakkar

Who is Virat Kohli daughter?

Vamika Kohli

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