Who is the major sponsor of the State of Origin?

Who is the major sponsor of the State of Origin?

Australia’s National Rugby League has signed up equipment hire provider Coates to a four-year sponsorship of the State of Origin Series. The three-match series between New South Wales and Queensland is title sponsored by petrol station brand Ampol and will be staged in Townsville, Brisbane and Sydney this June-July.

Who sponsored State of Origin 2020?


Who sponsors NSW State of Origin?

This annual event is a series of three games competing for the State of Origin shield….Shirt sponsors and manufacturers.

Period 2021–
Kit manufacturer Puma
Major Sponsor Brydens Lawyers
Minor Sponsor nib
Shorts Sponsor Tooheys

What did Ampol stand for?

Australian Motorists Petrol Oil and Lubricants. Business. Rate it: AMPOL. Australian Motor Petroleum Oil Company.

Who has won more Origin games?

State of Origin series

Current season or competition: 2021 State of Origin series
2014’s State of Origin 100th game anniversary logo
Country Australia (ARLC)
Shield Holders New South Wales (2021)
Most titles Queensland (22)

Who will win State of Origin 2021?

The Blues

What is the biggest score in State of Origin?

Biggest Win

Margin Score Game
46 52-6 Game 3, 2015
44 6-50 Game 1, 2021
30 36-6 Game 1, 1989
Correct to Game 3, 2015 and excludes exhibition match

Who is the youngest player to play State of Origin?

Ben Ikin

Who is the oldest NRL player still playing?

He was the NRL’s oldest player playing in 2018. He shares the Australian first grade record for most seasons played in the NRL with Cameron Smith at 19 seasons….Paul Gallen.

Personal information
Position Lock, Prop, Second-row

Do players get paid for Origin?

Origin payments increasing to $12,500 per game. Increases in Third Party Sponsorship Agreements to $150,000. Reduction in qualifying period for veteran players from 10 to 8 years under Long Serving Player Allowance.

Which NRL team has never won a premiership?

New Zealand Warriors

What is the best NRL Team 2020?

Sydney Roosters

Who has most wooden spoons in NRL?

Wooden spoons

Tally Club
17 Western Suburbs Magpies
14 Parramatta Eels
10 Sydney University
9 North Sydney Bears

Who is the best rugby league team?

World Rankings

  • New Zealand. 100%
  • Australia. 91.82%
  • England. 85.34%
  • Tonga Invitational. 60.66%
  • Fiji. 36.57%
  • Papua New Guinea. 28.53%
  • Samoa. 22.09%
  • France. 16.69%

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