Who is the ugliest Naruto character?

Who is the ugliest Naruto character?


Why is Sakura so hated?

Her character design isn’t consider attractive by many people who viewed the series, and her personality resembled a love obsessed prepubescent twelve year old that we all loathe. Also, Sasuke took a series of hits to protect Naruto from Haku, something which coloured the rest of their friendship.

Who is the prettiest girl in Naruto?

Beautiful and Strong, Here are the 11 Most Amazing Ladies in…

  • Kushina Uzumaki. She is famous with her hot-blooded personality during her youth, Kushina also has an extraordinary chakra and power as the member of Uzumaki clan.
  • Hinata Hyuuga.
  • Temari.
  • Sakura Haruno.
  • Konan.
  • Mei Terumi.
  • Kurotsuchi.
  • Tsunade.

Why is Sakura useless?

Sakura as a genin cared only about Sasuke. She didn’t care for training, or any goals for her future other than Sasuke, as shown when Kakashi asked them. She kept getting into danger, however, and so she needed to fight, then her lack of training and mental fortitude made her lose every fight.

Is Sakura stronger than Hinata?

Hinata’s is Vacuum Palm. At least in fighting Sakura. Sakura has no defense for that. If Hinata can hold off until Sakura uses her Seal and then bombards her with Vacuum Palm and Wall Palms, Hinata wins because those are long distance attacks that attack both chakra and internal organs.

Who is the weakest character in Naruto?

Iruka Umino

Did Sakura hate Naruto?

Sakura never loved Naruto and she made it pretty clear several times that she loved Sasuke. Sakura thought that the best way to stop Naruto chasing Sasuke was to tell Naruto a lie. So, she said that she loved Naruto and didn’t care about Sasuke anymore. This is unacceptable no matter how noble her intentions were.

Why is Naruto Uzumaki hated?

People hated Naruto because the characters were underdeveloped. Naruto is a hated character because he prioritized Sasuke over everything else. Naruto training scenes were not well planned by the author. The character Naruto kept on going back to training after he loses to powerful villain each time.

Why does Sasuke hate Sakura?

Sasuke said he saw no reason for him and Sakura to love each other and he believed her feelings were from a failed past. Kishimoto has stated that Sasuke was always grateful to Sakura, that even though he had to leave, even though he caused her so much pain, he was still thankful from the bottom of his heart.

Why is Sasuke so hated?

A lot of the reasons why people dislike Sasuke is down to a misunderstanding of how he was written. Kishimoto isn’t known for being subtle and Sasuke is the reason why. Sasuke didn’t come out and say things, he was an internal character. He didn’t do open declerations of how he functioned like Pain did.

Who is Naruto’s best friend?


Who is Sasuke’s best friend?


Why are the Uchiha hated?

Tobirama hated them because at the time all Senju hated them and all Uchiha hated the Senju. It was due to the time of the warring clans and they were fighting for land and power. You have to remember that ever since the village was made the Uchiha were kind of looked down on by the powers of the village.

Are all Uchiha evil?

no, but not a 100% no. The Uchiha were clearly very genetically disposed to some kind(s) of mental illness, and living in a military world naturally increased the chances of these problems surfacing. This is given the dramatic moniker, the “Curse of Hatred”.

Who hates Uchiha the most?

6 Ninjas Who Hate the Uchiha Clan and Their Reasons Behind Their Hatred

  • Danzo Shimura. He was one of the Konoha’s higher-ups who ‘instigated’ the suspicious on the Uchiha Clan when the Nine-Tails attacked the village.
  • Tobirama Senju.
  • Deidara.
  • Butsuma Senju.
  • Orochimaru.
  • Chino.

Who was the worst Hokage?

Hiruzen sarutobi

Who is the most loved character in anime?

  1. 1 Lelouch Lamperouge-Code Geass (112,860 Votes)
  2. 2 L Lawliet-Death Note (92,662 Votes)
  3. 3 Monkey D.
  4. 4 Levi Ackerman-Attack on Titan (71,809 Votes)
  5. 5 Edward Elric-Fullmetal Alchemist (69,513 Votes)
  6. 6 Light Yagami-Death Note (68,258 Votes)
  7. 7 Rintarou Okabe-Steings;Gate (64,901 Votes)
  8. 8 Roronoa Zoro-One Piece (62,906 Votes)

Who was the strongest Hokage?

Who is the weakest kazekage?

Yagura Karatachi

Who is the second weakest Hokage?

Here is Every Kage, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest.

  1. 1 Hashirama (First Hokage)
  2. 2 Naruto (Seventh Hokage)
  3. 3 Minato (Fourth Hokage)
  4. 4 Mu (Second Tsuchikage)
  5. 5 Gengetsu (Second Mizukage)
  6. 6 Tobirama (Second Hokage)
  7. 7 Yagura (Fourth Mizukage)
  8. 8 A (Third Raikage)

Is Sasuke a Kage?

Sasuke was Kage level when he learned to control the Curse Mark Lv. 2 and learned Kirin. Sasuke beat Deidara with CM2, and Deidara was someone who had defeated Gaara(a Kazekage). Naruto became Kage level when he learned Sage Mode.

Is Orochimaru a good guy now?

Under Hokage Naruto’s leadership, Orochimaru appears to be a good guy, sending his son, Mitsuki, to the Ninja Academy and generally cooperating with village affairs.

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