Why are spiral galaxies flat?

Why are spiral galaxies flat?

Because they’re rotating, and fast enough that the galaxy can’t condense in the radial direction. They’re “flat” because the combination of centripetal and gravitational forces causes the matter to oscillate perpendicular to the plane of the galaxy and eventually run into other matter with inelastic collisions.

Why is the Milky Way spiral?

The magnetic field alignment with the star formation implies that the gravitational forces that created the galaxy’s spiral shape is also compressing the magnetic field. The alignment supports the leading theory of how the arms are forced into their spiral shape known as “density wave theory.”

How many dimensions can cats see?

A cat’s visual acuity is anywhere from 20/100 to 20/200, which means a cat has to be at 20 feet to see what an average human can see at 100 or 200 feet.

What happens in the 5th Dimension?

In the 5th Dimension, there is a partial merging of the Higher Self with the 3rd Dimensional physical body. In doing this, the difference between the Higher Self and the individual ego-personality becomes very thin. Emotions, however, are still present. This can also happen in the 3rd Dimension but is rare.

What are the 3rd 4th and 5th dimensions?

A Chart of the Differences in the 3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensions- Part I

3rd Dimension 4th Dimension 5th Dimension
Take advice solely from people in AUTHORITY, such as religious leaders, political leaders, doctors, or scientists Listens to people in AUTHORITY, but makes their own decisions. Follows INNER GUIDANCE

What would a 5th Dimension look like?

From far away it looks like a 1-dimensional object but if you look at it closely you see that it has a second dimension that is a circle. So the fifth dimension that would be everywhere in space should be a circle that is very small. Since it is so small we cannot see it.

What is a 6th dimensional being?

The Sixth Dimension is the highest plane of existence that exists beyond time and imagination where everything falls away except truths that are never meant to see. This is the realm of the impossible beyond understanding where the Multiverse was designed and set into motion.

Are humans in 3D or 4D?

Thus, each human face possesses concurrently a unique volumetric structure and surface pattern in three dimensions (or 3D) and a temporal pattern across time in four dimensions (or 4D).

Are humans 3rd dimensional beings?

We are discovering that humans are not simply 3D beings. We are actually four dimensional. We are comprised of 4 distinct but integrated parts. Three of which are related to our physical experience – the body, heart and mind.

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