Why do they stutter in my generation?

Why do they stutter in my generation?

Roger Daltrey has also commented that he had not rehearsed the song prior to the recording, was nervous, and he was unable to hear his own voice through the monitors. The stutter came about as he tried to fit the lyrics to the music as best he could, and the band decided it worked well enough to keep.

Did Roger Daltrey have a stutter?

Roger Daltrey sang the lead vocals with a stutter, which was very unusual. After recording two takes of the song normally, The Who’s manager, Kit Lambert, suggested to Daltrey that he stutter to sound like a British kid on speed. Daltrey recalled to Uncut magazine October 2001: “I have got a stutter.

Who recorded my generation?

The Who

When did the WHO release my generation?


Who is my generation prominent feature?

prominent feature of the who’s my generation
Prominent feature of the Who’s “My Generation”
___ Talmy (producer of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” and the Who’s “My Generation”)

Who’s next original track listing?

Track listing

No. Title Lead vocal
1. “Getting in Tune” Daltrey
2. “Going Mobile” Townshend
3. “Behind Blue Eyes” Daltrey
4. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” Daltrey

Who is next LP?

Who’s Next became the only Who album to make #1 in the UK charts. It peaked at #4 in the US, but songs from the album are continually played on American classic rock radio stations to this day. All songs by Pete Townshend unless otherwise noted. There are now two upgraded CD versions of the album.

Who is next documentary?

WHO’S NEXT? is a feature-length documentary film that examines how the lives of Muslim-Americans have been affected in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Who is next Deluxe?

Nearly eight years later, Who’s Next, one of the group’s most beloved albums, was given another remastered/expanded treatment as part of Universal Chronicles’ Deluxe Edition series. Now it spans two discs, including a full disc devoted to their legendary show at the Young Vic on April 26, 1971.

Who is next review?

Who’s Next, regardless of what you may have been led to believe to the contrary, is neither the soundtrack to the realization of Pete Townshend’s apparently-aborted Hollywood dream, the greatest live album in the history of the universe, nor a, shudder, rock opera, but rather an old fashioned long-player containing …

Who is the singer that stutters?

Mel Tillis

How did Phileas Fogg traveled?

Fogg and Passepartout start their epic journey by taking the Orient Express train which departs from London. They travel across France and the Alps to reach Venice. Here they move on to Brindisi where they change to a steamer that brings them across the Mediterranean sea to Suez in Egypt.

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