Why do two informational texts on a similar topic sometimes disagree?

Why do two informational texts on a similar topic sometimes disagree?

Two texts on the same topic may present facts, but the information in the texts may differ because the authors interpret the facts differently. The authors may have different information about the facts themselves, or their backgrounds may influence their interpretations.

What does I beg to differ mean?

: to politely disagree with someone You say that the candidates are essentially the same, but I beg to differ.

What does begging you mean?

Sit down, I beg you

Why you shouldn’t give money to beggars?

Giving money to beggars will never teach them to be self-sufficient. It will encourage them to stay on the streets and beg all their life. Begging has become a pity market. It’s an insult to the small-time vendors and workers, who burn their oil to earn money and make their ends meet.

What are the causes and effects of begging?

a) Economic reasons: The three main causes of economic poverty, job loss or lack of employment and business income. Poverty: One of the major factors that force people to make a miserable beggary. It does not mean that enough to support themselves or their families, many people resort to begging.

How can we discourage begging?

We can discourage begging by refusing to give money and by offering some job to the beggar.

How can we discourage begging How were Sergei and the cook responsible in bringing a change in the beggar Lushkoff?

Answer. We should has to encourage begger to not to beg in front of anyone and do what they like to do or which work they can do better and give them work.. Sergie gave lushkoff work. He gave lushkoff wood to chop for him and lushkoff at once agreed because he have fear that Sergie would report the police…

What are the causes and remedies of beggary?

Unremunerative agriculture, poverty, unemployment and disruption of joint family and of caste control are the major causes of increase of beggary in India. India neglects 600,000 of her blind, 250,000 of her deaf and dumb, 100,000 of her insane and 1,000,000 of her lepers.

Why should Begging be banned?

Giving them money, or allowing them to beg for money to make a living means that they will never really find a job and get themselves out of the hole that they are in. Giving money to a poor or homeless person is like putting a band- aid on an open wound. Begging is a victimless crime.

When was begging illegal?


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