Why does Rodriguez claim he is Chinese?

Why does Rodriguez claim he is Chinese?

a. Rodriguez statement in lines 162-173 that he is chinese is ironic because they know he isnt chinese and expected something different. The meaninghe is trying to convey is that he’s so used to the chinese culture because helives there and has been there for so long, It feels like home to him.

What is the theme of Blaxicans?

The purpose of the essay “Blaxicans” was to discuss and inform how American immigrants are creating a multicultural nation that is beyond just plain old “black-and-white”(pg. 88 line #30). The author explains how there is no point in labeling people by race because so many people in America are mixed.

What is Rodriguez’s claim?

The claim in ‘Blaxicans’ by Richard Rodriguez is that a ethnic title such as Mexican, Chinese, etc, is purely a title given to by others and changes routinely; however, according to. Rodrigues, culture plays a bigger role on your own personal identity than ethnicity or race.

What is the author’s purpose in the first three paragraphs of Blaxicans?

The authors purpose in the first three paragraphs is to explain to the reader that immigrants made up America but, only Caucasians and African Americans are the only race mentioned.

What words and phrases does Rodriguez use to express tone in lines 55 62?

Answer: He uses the words “multiculturalism”, “notion” “Thinking”, “mexican”, “America” and “mestizaje society”, to express an informative, argumentative and explanatory tone along these lines.

How does the author support his point that comparing?

The author supports his point in saying that comparing blacks and Hispanics is “to construct a fallacious equation”, by saying that, “in Latin America, one sees every race of the world. One sees white Hispanics, one sees black Hispanics, one sees brown Hispanics who are Indians”.

What are the differences between Rodriguez points?

The differences that Rodriguez points out between immigrants and US citizens are as follows : US citizens have the birth rights inside USA while the immigrants are not granted the birth rights.

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