Why Should you Study Abroad?

Are you interested in studying abroad? Is the idea of spending a term or an even year in a foreign country calling to you, but you’re not quite sure if you should go or not? If you’re in any doubt and looking for a reason why, read on! …

Speaking from personal experience, I can say that studying abroad is an incredible experience and one which you should definitely try if you get the chance. By going to university, naturally you will mature and become more independent, but this process is much more sped up if you take a year studying abroad. The idea of moving to a new country – away from friends, family and everything you know and possibly putting yourself in a university where the classes aren’t even taught in English is definitely a terrifying idea and can be very overwhelming. Once you’re on the other side of it and back home in the UK, you will see the benefits it has brought to you, such as:


Warwick has opportunities in over 40 countries in the world, from Australia to Arizona, Chile to China, depending on your course of study, you could have the opportunity to travel to and live in a country that would otherwise be out of reach. Most people can only dream of spending a month travelling South America, if you chose to study in a Latin American university, you can use that as your base while you explore around for the whole year. Being completely immersed in a foreign culture will help you get a new understanding of different ways of living  and will help you to reflect on your own culture too. To find out the availability of places and which universities are available to you, ask your Head of Department.


Whether you know what career path you want to follow in the future, or not, spending a year studying abroad will help enhance your employment opportunities, regardless of what job you want to end up with. The communication, problem-solving and self-management skills that you pick up studying abroad help employers differentiate you from other graduates and set you out from the crowd. It can also help with your own personal growth, making you more independent and having more confidence after being taken out of your comfort zone. In addition to this, studying abroad means you can expand your global network by having connections all over the world, making it all the easier to find a job in your dream country.

Why Should you Study Abroad?


Naturally, studying overseas can be a really useful way to develop your existing knowledge of a foreign language or to give you the opportunity to learn a new one. Businesses are constantly expanding to foreign countries or looking to interact with new international clients, your improved communication and language skills can be highly sought after by graduate employers. It’s not just future employers who can benefit from your language skills, there are loads of benefits for you too, such as developing a better memory, building your multitasking skills and even improved English by having a better understanding of grammar rules and sentence structure. This article explains in more detail the benefits of bilingualism. If you’re looking for some advice on how to learn a foreign language – check out my other post!

Why Should you Study Abroad?

So there you have it, and these are only the top three reasons as to why you should study abroad – there are lots more, just ask any student who has already done it! Hopefully, this post has persuaded you to use the opportunity if you were previously unsure, or has strengthened your desire to go if you already wanted to.

Wishing you all the best for your future adventure!

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