Why Warwick?

“There is something for everyone at the University of Warwick” – I heard this sentence so many times in my first week at the University, but I only realised how true it  was after my first term. For prospective students, here’s a few things that make Warwick a great place to study. And for returning students, here’s a refresher on why you study at one of the greatest places on earth!…


Warwick University’s campus is by far one of the most beautiful and useful campuses I have seen. It is surrounded by beautifully preserved woodland area making walks around the lakes a perfect way to unwind in between lectures. Coventry city centre is a quick bus ride away, as is Leamington Spa – a popular student location filled with exciting things to do.


The chances of going hungry while on campus is very small. There are numerous cafes, restaurants and pubs on the main campus and almost every building has its own café! Costa and Curiositea are perfect for lunchtime coffee and sandwiches, whilst Fusion is great for Asian-inspired dinners with your coursemates. Here’s a list of all the exciting places to eat on campus. Which is your favourite?

Campus Atmosphere

If you are entering the campus by bus, the Warwick Arts Centre is probably the first thing you will see, followed by the Piazza. The Piazza has one of the friendliest atmosphere I have ever known. It is definitely one of my favourite locations on campus. With students catching up with their friends and getting some fresh air, to some having their lunch and reading their textbooks, it is almost impossible to find the Piazza empty or lonely at any point. The Warwick Arts Centre always has fun things going on too – theatre, music, cinema… there’s no chance of running out of things to do! See what’s on here.

Why Warwick?


For work and study, the campus library is a student favourite, with floors 3, 4 and 5 perfect for quiet, individual study and floors 1 and 2 ideal for group work and a more relaxed environment. The Rootes Learning Grid is another popular study space which is great for practising presentations and studying with friends. Not to mention, Costa is right next door for a convenient caffeine boost! Campus buildings are filled with comfy seating areas making studying easy to do on the go, even if you only have fifteen minutes to spare. Read more about campus study spaces.


For fun things to do, the Student’s Union is a good place to start – why not have a game of pool followed by a drink at The Terrace Bar? There’s also the campus Sports Centre which is equipped with a fantastic gym and numerous sports facilities. Many of the university sports clubs practise here, why not have a look if there’s a club for you? If sport isn’t really your thing, make sure to join a society, or five! There’s something for everyone and plenty of opportunities to try something new.

Why Warwick?

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